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Thread: Why mt4 so laggy

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    Quote Originally Posted by asraf View Post
    well sir my view slow internet connection is the main cause of such problems. I also faced same problem when my internet connection goes slow. so I think You can use mt5 for better performance which have better speed and options.
    I think we don't have to change our trading platform when we face such problems like slow internet connection. Just check your internet signal if there is a problem or not. Though MT4 can run with very very slow internet. I prove it myself when I have bad internet connection, I could not open any website except roboforum. But my MT4 keep moving without lag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ahsanul90 View Post
    Really its creates huge problem. Slow internet connection is the main problem to crate it. Fast internet connection to overcome it.
    yes, it is really bugging when we want to trade but suddenly our internet connection become slow and make our trading platform disconnected from server, not only laggy. laggy might caused by bunch of indicators we used to trade at once. i never face this laggy problem and i still able to trade even with slow internet connection. i agree, fast internet connection is better.

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    yes, your right and i am agree with you. I think that if your trading platfrom works very good if your have a well high spreed internet connection. But if your have serious bad internet connection then your trading platform acts so laggy not as usual. so at 1st solve this problems.

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    slow internet connection is the main cause of such problems .I think It is true and I admit it that our trading platform works very well ,if you have serious bad internet connection, then it can make trading platform act so leggy not as usual .

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    what the meaning of luggy?

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    I'm sure slow-moving internet connection could be the key source of these kinds of troubles. When i also challenged similar problem as soon as the internet connection will go slow-moving. Exclusively in the decide on time with region this types of slow-moving interconnection are normally found below. While internet connection turns into more rapidly before long next the thing is sorted out...

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    what the meaning of loggy?

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    I do not think so.Mt4 platform is not lazzy.Because mt4 is my favorite platform.It is so much user friendly.Sometimes we see some difference rate in 4 digit and 5 digit account.Because 5 digit account always keep counting the rate.We can add any indicator and robot here.If you have slow internet line then you must face some problem otherwise it is best ever compare to other platform.

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    I had a problem MT4 getting slow and taking more and more CPU, laptop was getting hot, so I digged Google and it was quite hard to find a working solution.
    It's acctually simple.
    Go to your MT4 folder, look up folder "logs" and delete logs, leave just the last one, you don't need them. There is one more "logs" folder in "experts" folders - delete those logs too, leave just the last one. Open MT4, go to Tools -> Options -> Chart tab and enter manually new values into two boxes below.
    1000 is enough, indicators need only 300 - 700 to work properly.
    Only reason for larger values is testing strategies but if you need fast MT4 for trading, just get another MT4 for testing purposes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZnA View Post
    why mt4 so laggy when i cut profit,
    There are several possible causes, but unfortunately you do not explain in detail about your problem. According to my internet connection, the quality of the server, crashes, errors, viruses, too many indicators used, or even the problem lies in the operating system of your computer. I think a lot of causes. So I'm sure everyone here will have difficulty in finding the cause if you do not explain in detail of the problems that you get.

    My advice is just clean your computer from viruses, then reinstall mt4, then you check the quality of the Internet connection, and then you check the quality of the server.

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