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Thread: Why mt4 so laggy

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    i think it is the biggest system of trading platform maintenance.if we entry on our system with slow internet connection we will reach the system after larges time.if we maintenance a system.we won't open any website or any application we can access the system easily then we will compatible to use is.it was a problem in my system i mean internet connection.

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    I dont think it does lag in any technique except automated charting scripts but it is the best instant trade execution and the reason your trade was not close could be due to your internet speed or requoting if you use 5 digit broker but most of mt4 servers are now advanced and not more than 1 second is needed to closed the trade


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    As there are a lot of users during the pick hours we find lagginess in operation on Mt4 platform because of that server not executing instant orders and it asks for requotes so to prevent that thing happening in peak hours we must set up our trade with stop loss and take profits in advance so that the server can act accordingly and we neveer miss out our chances of taking profits.

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    When a trader execute an order, sometimes the order will not close immediately. In my opinion this is caused by some reason, first, I agree with the opinion above about the speed of internet connection. I mean the slow of connection. Second, the movement of the price in the market especially in an important news. We know that when a news happen, the market cannot be controlled by anyone. Even, we have set the taking profit in certain point, the execution will not closed in the TP we have set before.

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    well i do not think that the mt trading terminal is that laggy but i understand that sometimes it is very slow that people really hate that but it happens when the internet connection is slow not in any other situations so you do not need to worry about that my friend.

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    your laptop/computer became laggy when you cut your position, maybe because market move very fast due to high impact news or other issues. for example, you place sell position at eur/usd at 1.3800 and want to cut your position in profit at 1.3700. but when you want to cut it, market moves fast and change to 1.3702 or more. here you will get problem called requotes and i think it is common problem in forex. keep closing your trade until you can finally close it.

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    well sir my view slow internet connection is the main cause of such problems. I also faced same problem when my internet connection goes slow. so I think You can use mt5 for better performance which have better speed and options.

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    Really its creates huge problem. Slow internet connection is the main problem to crate it. Fast internet connection to overcome it.

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    Nicely I'm sure when world-wide-web is usually gradual so it's indicate the primary source of this kind of difficulty, and so i furthemore challenged similar difficulty when our connection to the internet will go gradual, so similar the following that you've got the gradual or perhaps negative connection to the internet which can be slowing down your own request by conversation easily while using the server so ought to try to obtain a superior connection to the internet now.

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    There may have two problem as i think which you are facing with your mt4. First of all , you need to check your internet speed . if that is slow , you will have one or more time to face that problem . if that speed is well , than find the mt4 system of the broker . basically , if the mt4 take re-quote , that time , you will have chance to face that problem . generally ECN brokers are fully free from this types of mt4 problem . it will be better if you use that types of broker.

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