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Thread: Why mt4 so laggy

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    Slow internet connection will be one of the major reason why mt4 will be laggy and the other reason is when the broker you are trading server went down, this are the only two major reason why you will find it slow to open a new order or close your open position, mt4 as a platform will never be laggy its due to slow internet connection or down of server.

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    If you mt4 is laggy when you try to cut profit it could be problem from your trading servers or it could be a problem from your internet connection, this are the two things that could make mt4 laggy, this trading platform is very fast and smooth but when their is a slow internet connection or your trading servers isn't working very well it could make the terminal to be laggy when you try to cut your trades or open new position.

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    the platform sometimes become laggy because it maybe full of indicators or strategies that make it slow or due to slow internet that does not let the platform to work with its full efficiency and so the trader should try to test the different reasons that let the platform to be laggy and the trader can fix the problem of it quickly.

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    I do not think the lagging experienced while using the mt4 platform is because you wanted to take your profit.
    I strongly believe that it is a network connection issue.
    And this is a generally applicable theory.
    A slow network = slow execution time on the server.
    So either you change your Internet service provider or you trade from a location with a strong signal.

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    You could try uninstalling the trading platform and then install it again. After that please make a change to your internet network provider. Try these two steps and I'm sure there will be an improvement.

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    When metatrader 4 become laggy you should check your internet properly cause this laggy issue is not common. but, some times I have experience this laggy issue too while I try to take a trade or close one most time it's due to my slow internet connection and some times. I experience my network was working fine and the reason could be due to over load of server that's what I suspect again.

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    The very possibility for mt4 to be lagging is only when you have a poor network connection because i see mt4 to be a reliable and safe terminal that a lot of traders have been dealing with right from the day one of knowing forex business. So when you are experiencing lagging in trading with mt4 terminal then you should check your network connection.

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    A poor internet connection could cause mt4 to be laggy and other reason is when your broker server are experiencing some difficulties to function properly this are the two reasons why mt4 could give us some problems and that's not the fault of the platform but the fault of your internet connection or broker server because those are the two common problem the platform face that cause it to be laggy.

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    if in my opinion actually that makes MT4 become laggy because the indicators are used because there are some indicators there might be coding errors that make MT4 become laggy because my own experience using cellular internet networks has never been a problem as limited as the indicators used are default standards MT4

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    When a trader execute an order, sometimes the order will not close immediately. Because our internet concretion is very slow so you need to check your internet speed first time. if that speed is well , than find the mt4 system of the broker. so You can use mt5 for better performance which have better speed and options.

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