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Thread: Why mt4 so laggy

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    I'm sure gradual connection to the internet is the principal cause of such problems. My spouse and i also challenged very same difficulty while our connection to the internet moves gradual. Exclusively at the opt for hour or so inside nation this specific varieties of gradual link are found below. While connection to the internet becomes quicker before too long and then the thing is solved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZnA View Post
    why mt4 so laggy when i cut profit,
    MT4 has an autentication problem for every 30 sec. When there is no trade or modification activity with broker server after 30 sec MT4 switch to sleep mode. when any order send to broker after 30 sec (when in sleep mode) MT4 first ask for autentication which it takes around 500ms. Sometimes it could also be from the broker or from a trader's internet connection.

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    I do not agree with you. because meta trader platform always unique and so first from all others trading platform.but you should first internet connection always and this is important for each platform. and some time your account or server can be problem for this issue so you can check that
    Don't loss you hope.

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    the meta trader maybe so laggy to a problem in the internet or in windows that slow down the operations of the whole computer, the trader should try to find the reason for him and should try to fix the problem and if there is no problem in the internet or the computer then he can call the support and talk to them about the problem and they may solve the problem for him

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZnA View Post
    why mt4 so laggy when i cut profit,
    What do you mean by that I do not know. But one thing I will say that mt4 is very helpful software. Trading has become so easy because of this software. Its better than meta trader 5. I am fan of meta trader 4. If you are trading with meta trader 4 then you can understand how good this software really is.

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    Mt4 is a very fast software for order execution, but you may experience some delay in order execution if your network connection is bad or if your computer is not fast enouggt, apart from that, you cant experience any slow down in order execution especially if you are using Roboforex because they have really fast server that is available to serve you at a fast speed at any time

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    the problem is not at mt4 i guess, you need to check several factors which make the condition for it
    first, you have to check your internet connection, this is the main priority to do trading with good execution
    second, several brokers have different sever, and some brokers have good server with fast execution than others
    third, when the market is so busy, sometimes there is a problem for us to do execution because too many orders and execution at the same time then server got the problem to handle it

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    Though we may face some challenges some time that we may not understand , I have once faced such an issue with my account which made me to be worry,but till now I also not yet understand the issue but my thought was that probably the trading schedule changed or the internet connection is failing us, though it is not a common phenomenon in the market.

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    My Mt4 platform work very well at all time I have never experience slow mt4 trading or have I experience laggy trading before, mt4 is the best trading platform this is because this trading platform work very well and we can use a lot of trading tools with this platform that is why it's the best trading platform of all time.

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    it's not lagging when to cut profit, probably you just facing an issue of requote market sir. i've never experienced any lagging condition while trading because everythings are working just fine as usual. you might have problem with your internet connection or else which may affect your mt4 performance. you need to find your own solution sir because every problem got differents tips to solve.

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