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Thread: Why mt4 so laggy

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    Yes dear it is so much painful news for us. When we are try to making trade in the Forex business sometime our internet connect is end, sometime we are face load-shedding problem. For this reason our trading terminal also affected by virus. That reason it is disturbed also we are disable to making trade. We must need to care about this problem.
    mt4 is one of the best software for trading and it is really best for traders to use and to earn from the field of forex trading.
    It has a fast operating speed and we can open and close our trades instantly.some time i face no connection issue but it is not always exist .if you would open your mt4 and you would keep it open for long time then there would be no such issue.

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    I have heard this problem from many friends that some time mt4 respond slow especially during the volatile hours or some time when we just open it.
    Some time it gives no connection error but all these problems are because of slow internet connection.if you have fast internet you can open and close trades early .also your take profit and stop can be easily adjustable.

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    Of course, if you are slow or delay the order for the poor to have an Internet connection, in this case I think the internet is slow, so that means that the main cause of these problems, slow Internet connection, so I am also facing the same problem when I go and so fast as the communication with the server, who is now trying to make a better internet connection.

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    Well brother. some time really meta trader (4) work slowly, and I am face it specially after publish any important economical event ! but this problem I did not face on roboforex at any time, and always their trading platform work perfectly so in my view there is not only internet connection problem but broker also..
    Don't loss you hope.

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    I have heard from some fellows that mt4 is operating slow but i don't agree with them because i don't have observed any such issue with mt4 trading plateform.i have been using it since my start in this business and i think it is best to use.there could be some problem with your internet connection.

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    When you use a slow internet connection then it should be laggy but at the particular time, mt4 will requote when we enter the order, this is because market is too volatile especially when high impact news time. So far i feel MT4 servers is good enough.

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    i you have some problem in changing your stop loss or tp then i think your internet connection can have some problem or some time during volatile hours broker also take some more time in doing so but i think their is no issue with mt4 because it is best for trading work and it really have a fast operating speed.

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    You know that the mt4 is laggy when you cut the profit and i think that when you close the trade at the time of trade terminal remain volatility , and i think that thats why you can not close or it take time to close trade .
    I am also a new trader so that if anyone know that answer please share here .

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    i don't learn what exactly do a person mean by laggy ,but When This comes to help closing trades in revenue or perhaps loss You\'ll find some other points when compared with will affect the particular matter ALONG WITH metatrader features nothing for you to do in them,for example your world wide web speed AND ALSO computer speed also toy the brokers execution speed abilities you\'ll want to consider many that.

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    Some time because of high volatile market we not able to open any position in the market mostly on news time we can get that type of problem sir otherwise I don't think that we get any that type of problem in this market I am using robo forex broker since 1 year now their server is very good please check you internet connection

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