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Thread: Why mt4 so laggy

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    I believe web connection that is sluggish may be the primary reason for issues that are these. When my web connection moves sluggish We likewise confronted identical issue. Especially in the choose hr in nation this kinds of link that is sluggish are observed below. Your issue is resolved whenever web connection becomes quicker before long then. And so I likewise confronted identical issue when my web connection moves sluggish, therefore identical below that you simply possess a poor or sluggish web connection that will be stalling your purchases from conversation rapidly using the host therefore must-try to obtain a greater web connection today.

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    MT4 laggy when you are trying to cut your position. I think you have problem in internet connection. Kindly check your connection or try to disconnect and connect it again. This method always works for me. Otherwise, you have problem with your PC/ laptop that you use for trading.

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    I think slow internet connection is the main cause of such problems. I also faced same problem when my internet connection goes slow.But if we have serious bad internet connection, then it can make our trading platform act so laggy not as usual. If there is no problem with my laptop.

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    I do not know, but I think that there is a problem, but your Computer or no virus on your computer for you and can be a weak Internet connection you have to be to have a fast Internet, and we must have an alternative in case of interruption of the Inte

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    There should be some problems that may cause your own MT4 laggy if you are wanting to lower your position. I do believe you've got dilemma inside web connection. I implore you to look at your own relationship or even seek to detach and connect it yet again. Using this method generally works for me personally. Otherwise, you've got dilemma with your PC/ mobile computer that you make use of for exchanging. Maybe your own PC/ mobile computer corrupted by viruses therefore all the method works sluggish in comparison with prior to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZnA View Post
    why mt4 so laggy when i cut profit,
    I think slow internet connection is the main cause of such problems. I use mt4 platform. This platform never makes a PC slow. If you use basic MT4 with minimum indicator that will be fine. My suggestion try clearing the history data, might make the platform becomes lighter. Then problem will be solved.

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    Well I think. It depends on the size of the RAM that you are using, It depend on you Internet connection, It depend on your indicator. Most of time we use low ram in our computer and we use slow internet, for these reason we face this problem. So try to look at the internet first and do not use many indicators in the chart for trading.

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    I don't know sir what you are trying to say I never get a problem in my mt4 software please try to reconnect your internet connection or try to use a high speed internet connection I think there is some problem in your internet connection or download mt4 software again

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    Mt4 isn't a that large application that may sluggish your pc that is whole. I believe that'll be good if you are using fundamental MT4 using minimal sign. However for these who like to utilize sign that is an excessive amount of, it'll certainly effect on their pc laptop becomes slow-but i thought it's simply my notebook. Using mt4 application can there be don't have any issue I believe.

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    don't apperceive what absolutely do you beggarly by laggy ,but back it comes to closing trades on accumulation or accident there are added factors than can affect this amount and metatrader has annihilation to do with them,for archetype your internet acceleration and computer acceleration in accession toy your brokers beheading acceleration abilities you should accede all that.....

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