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Thread: Why mt4 so laggy

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZnA View Post
    why mt4 so laggy when i cut profit,
    Ok dear I think mt4 very popular trading platform for every trader, because a newbies or beginner can trade via this platform easily, but there is many platform for us but every one not good and easy for newbies so all time I prepare the mt4 and it is so useful to us, but if you face any problem on using time I hope you must check you internet connection .
    Don't loss you hope.

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    regardless of whether a series of single not this season learn This , only drop question , i keep in mind we have watched a good movie With this that will explain It has effectively , we hope regardless of whether my spouse and i able to pick the Relate , my spouse and i will certainly share inside all connected with you

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    Basically, prices are loading slowly, tools are slow to respond, opening and closing positions lag our actions, etc. I originally thought Divisa was having problems, but apparently it is our individual platforms.

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    Slow web connection is the cause of your harm. you need a high internet speed connection. I think it will work for you. It did work for me.

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    I presume slow internet connection is the principal cause of aforementioned difficulties. When my internet connection goes gradual Additionally, I confronted same trouble. Especially at the pick hr in country this varieties of sluggish connection are discovered here. The issue is fixed when web connection becomes quicker after a time then.

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    the trader is good for this because we cached the money It is true and I admit it that our trading platform works very well even if we have slow internet connection and can not open any websites. But if we have serious bad internet connection, then it can make our trading platform act so laggy not as usual. If there is no problem with my laptop, I will check my modem or its network signal.

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    In case that which you imply is your business wasn't closed on time once you hit close up about the fatal or perhaps your profit closed under your own expected profit then it indicates that you've the gradual or perhaps bad web connection which can be taking your time your own instructions by communicating swiftly with the server, so try out to secure a much better web connection.

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    I think mt4 have some serious problem as their interface is friendly but it lag too much and most of the time lose the connection.

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    Some time i am also fall in this problem. At first i am also think that it is problem of Mt4 trading platform. After sometime analysis i am get for this reason mainly responsible bad connection of our internet. Then i am change my internet connection by other modem. If you are want you also do this.

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    If what a person mean will be This your own trade \'m not closed from time frame While a person hit close towards the terminal or perhaps The idea your current revenue closed along as compared to your current essential income subsequently It means for you to apply for a slow or even bad internet connection that\'ll be delaying your orders via communicating quickly because of the server, so try for getting a much better world wide web connection.

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