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Thread: Why mt4 so laggy

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    If what you mean is that your business did not close on time when you hit close to the terminal, or less than the expected profit gain closed then it means that you have a bad connection or slow Internet delay their orders quickly contact the server, so try to get a better internet connection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kazi Noman View Post
    Sometimes a trader executes an order, when the social club will not close media. This is Because, our internet connection is not very well. So, at first you will need to check your internet speed. If that speed is good, then find the mt4 system of the broker. So You can use mt5 for better performance, which have better speed and options.
    You should also check your PC or laptop as well. Computer spec is minimal, or reduced capacity of the hard disk, could be a cause of slow memory to process the software. I think the connection speed is not the main thing in using MT4, so there must be other problems that may be the cause.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZnA View Post
    why mt4 so laggy when i cut profit,
    What exactly you want to know ? because I am not clear any way if you want to mean lazy ! then I think your internet connection is slow, so you can check it , and it will better otherwise I think there is not others problem because we can close our position at any moment just by one click ! so I hope you must do use one click trading for solving this matter
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    I dont think it does lag in any technique except automated charting scripts but it is the best instant trade execution and the reason your trade was not close could be due to your internet speed or requoting if you use 5 digit broker but most of mt4 servers are now advanced and not more than 1 second is needed to closed the trade

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    If I understand what you mean, are you saying that when you try to execute an order it takes time, well this experience can be defined by your internet speed, if your internet speed is slow expect that your order execution would be slow too, let me give you an example let's say you try to open a page on your browser but it takes time, this is due to your internet speed and also most likely if the sever you are trying to access is experiencing lots of traffic, I guess this same traffic issue might also affect order execution, that’s why your broker has multiple servers to overcome heavy traffic on a particular sever, but I can assure you that 80 percent of the time you experience slow execution its mainly due to the poor internet service your internet provider offers, so if its unbearable switch network.

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    I know some of us have noticed that our Divisa platforms have become less responsive. Basically, prices are loading slowly, tools are slow to respond, opening and closing positions lag our actions, etc. I originally thought Divisa was having problems, but apparently it is our individual platforms.

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    I think slow internet connection is the main cause of such problems. I also faced same problem when my internet connection goes slow. Specially at the pick hour in country this types of slow connection are found here. When internet connection becomes faster after a while then the problem is solved. so I also faced same problem when my internet connection goes slow , so same here that you have a slow or bad internet connection which is delaying your orders from communication quickly with the server so must try to get a better internet connection now.

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    If I will comment as well, I will say that you do not know much on how the trading works, it is never the fault of the mt4 trading platform, but the fault of the internet, or technical issues that arises at that time, the rare time that you will be looking at the wrong pricing, and the market would have moved pass that point you are seeing.

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    I 've been using MT4 beginning of my trading so far has not been a problem due to low speed in low speed internet connection , some days it seems there was no time to trade Forex MT4 leggy not trouble any time I like all the Forex trade on the MT4 other friends of his own will on the forums all the time but I will be using the Meta Trader 4 Platform that forms the forum where everyone can share his trade , good or bad .

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    This is NOT an issue if the account type is either Fix-Cent or Fix-Standard. Because if you use one of account type, your order is executed INSTANTLY, its speed is slow down due to market marker. In order to improve the speed, you should try another account type such as Pro-cent or ECN (the best) and most of orders are done in less than a second.

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