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Thread: Why mt4 so laggy

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    Actually, since I started to trade with roboforex I've no longer experienced this type of problems, with other brokers trading sometimes become practically impossible due to mt4 lags, I think it's something related to servers and connectivity quality rather then bad luck or some black hat tricks from the brokers. But it still frustrates when it happens at the moment you decide to take your profits :) hhh i know.

    Next time this happens to you try to check your cpu load, if it's too high then close some unnecessary processes, if not check your rooter's upstream (normal upstream value for ADSL should be half the downstream, for SDSL should be equal) if the value isn't normal you have a bad quality connection so try reboot your rooter.

    If this didn't solve the problem try connect to another server by clicking on the connection status in mt4 (bottom right) and select another one from the list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jull View Post
    If your mt4 trading platform so laggy maybe you to check your computer if there is some virus that hive on your hard drive, some time virus make your computer so slow becasue all the process will be taken or interupted by virus. Or maybe a virus was hive on your mt4 and it is bad, you have to reinstall your mt4
    If there is low connection then the platform will be laggy,and also if there is virus in the computer who try to steal your account information it will even more laggy for trading,usually i will just close the trade when i see laggy platform when i trade forex.
    Finally successful traders

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    MT4 software will give you this type of problem when you will use very slow internet connection I was also using slow internet connection before and was getting daily too much problem with mt4 software but after using broadband connection everything working fine for me

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    friend mt4 trading software is the best and very clear software for forex trading.some rimes we traders may face with various problems but all are for weak network connection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by s177saj View Post
    Friend,mt4 trading terminal is not leggy.Many broker provide bad server.If you broker is a good broker,then you can get a good connection of you terminal.Roboforex give it`s client good server.For this reason we can open trade and close trade in time.
    Yes, I think the same. This depends from the broker wich you are using. Usualy, the good broker give us very fast respond for the signals from our MT4 platform. Some bad brokers need up to 2-3 seconds for the responding. This is very bad service. The Roboforex broker give us an excelent service. Their server responds very fast for our signals wich we send from the MT4 platform. When we click the "buy", "sell" or "close" buttom then the signal starts from our MT4 platform to the brokers server. After than the server need to send the back answer into our MT4 platform. Generaly, this is working in this way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZnA View Post
    why mt4 so laggy when i cut profit,
    I have using meta trader 4 platform daily and I have no problem with this software. I only open a browser and all of my trading accounts in mt4. I don't see any slow down that can affect my activity at all. But if your internet connection is slow then it would be happened.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZnA View Post
    why mt4 so laggy when i cut profit,
    No is not leggy platform. It works just great on my PC, and it utilizes very few memory as well as internet while trading. Just we need good internet connection when trading. So I think you need to check the speed of your internet connection. Then your problem will be solved.

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    I don't think so that Meta trader 4 is lagged at the time of cutting profit . There are some problem that make it so . here are some of them-
    1. Low internet speed,if your internet speed is slow then your order implementation would be slow.It happen when the sever you are trying to access is facing lots of traffic So that broker takes different length of time to overcome your implementation .Maximum time it is the main problem.
    2. Old version of window . Old windows are not always able to survive fast as need . At that place a newer version is much potential to implement a order quickly .

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    For those who like to make money with price action and know the breakouts and imbalance then mt4 or any other platform does not matter to them but those who look for advanced lagging indicators then every platform other than mt4 is best for them. The best and trusted platform is mt4 and if you want to successful trade bunch of charts with clarity and in-depth analysis then mt4 is not lagging its an advance version and mt5 can fulfill your requirements.

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    No , not at all . Meta trader 4 has not legged at any time. I think and many one also think that Meta trader 4 is lagged because of tow main causes . These are -
    1.Slow internet connection. Because of slow connection an order needs much more time to proceed.
    2.Broker's busy network . Actually Brokers use many server .These are always busy .So order jam is always common . So that broker takes much time .
    These problem always occurs in all order purpose ,not only when one cut his/her profit .

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