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Thread: Why mt4 so laggy

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    Yes my dear friends i also faced that kind of problems many times,i do not know too much about that,but it's true that in my country internet connection speed never remains same,that basically cause more problems to our trading software because good internet speed is best for trading platform to do good trading.

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    There are some reasons. Though I have experienced it and it mostly caused by our internet connection, I experienced it'd delay in excuting my position where by making me miss the previous qoute which I wanted to enter on. So therefore mostly is caused by poor internet connections.

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    You should check with a very good internet connection in that case I think a trader get this type of problem only if your internet connection is very slow so try to use a fast internet connection I always use high speed internet connection for good trading safety

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    Right there is only one thing that is internet connection only your internet connection can create problem to you if you are not able to use mt4 properly I have also fast 3g connection forex is a real business and it will be better to trade with good safety never take a chance with slow internet in forex

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    If your business when close or slow down your Internet connection it is expecting or worse doesn't mean a terminal speed you'll get a better Internet connection delay profits of any orders, communicate with the server, and then try again.

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    I think slow internet connection is the main cause of such problems. I also faced same problem when my internet connection goes slow. Specially at the pick hour in country this types of slow connection are found here. When inteernet connection becomes faster after a while then the problem is solved. so same here that you have a slow or bad internet connection which is delaying your orders from communication quickly with the server so must try to get a better internet connection now.

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    How many charts do you have open, and more importantly, what indicators do you have on the chart and how maany of them do you have, When you have certain memory and CPU intensive indicators it can really slow down your computer, bringing it to a halt, no matter how fast your computer is. Therefore, only have essential charts and indicators open in Metatrader as Metatrader seems to use excessive computer resources.

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    its not true, mt4 is not a that big software that can slow your entire computer. i think If you usee basic MT4 with minimum indicator, that will be fine. But for them who love to use too much indicator, it will surely impact on their computer performance.my laptop becomes slow but i was thinking it is just my laptop. i think with mt4 software is there have no probmlem

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    How you can try to slow internet connection instead of your order in which they are much slower , is expected to be experienced , you can open the page in Internet speed is the average of the browser where you can select you instead of the implementation of the system , if the time you take it , you must understand that in order to provide an example, but took the time to tell you, if you suffer from a lot of traffic when trying to access the cut, I cut off in traffic across multiple servers for your specific and I love speed Internet as a mediator , but I do not know why you can be sure of the traffic problem is that you have to your site by 80 % of Internet service providers to enjoy the time of slow implementation affect the implementation of the order to the effect, so if the network switch unbearably so .

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    I have no problem with this software I think there is problem with your internet connection. most of the times it depends upon the execution speed of the broker we are trading with. I always Use 3G net connection for better way to forex trading

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