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Thread: Why mt4 so laggy

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    My dear friends i think If what you mean is that your trade was not closed on time when you hit close on the terminal or that your profit closed lower than your expected profit then it means that you have a slow or bad internet connection which is delaying your orders from communicating quickly with the server.

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    Friend,i think you want to know why your mt4 software face connection problem.Can you plz tell me,what broker server you use.i use roboforex broker`s server.I means my broker is roboforex ans it`s server is so fact and strong.Start to use roboforex.com as your broker.it must solve you all problem.

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    I believe sluggish connection to the web could be the main reason for like complications. My spouse and i likewise experienced similar issue whenever our connection to the web moves sluggish. Exclusively with the choose time throughout country this specific kinds of sluggish connection are found in this article. Whenever connection to the web becomes quicker before too long then the thing is sorted.

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    ifv see that your mt4 platform is lagging then i dont think the problem is with the platform but it is with your computure. please ensure that you have the required minimum computure specifications and that you are not running robbots or indicators that are consuming up your ram in the PC

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    I do not think that the Internet connection in the application of such problems. I encountered a problem when you connect to the Internet quickly. It is important to understand that the clock in the country and slow type of connection here. When you connect to the Internet quickly, when it comes time to solve the problem.

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    I think this type of problem take place in forex when our internet not work properly because robo forex broker server is not bad at all I am using their mt5 around to one year now and I have no problem with them so I am very sure that you computer is very slow in that case you should use good operating system and good internet connection

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    I think MT4 platform is not laggy or should not of such status. If you use Roboforx MT4 it is very fast and instant executor. May be the problem with your end. It may be for your net connection, may be because of your pc configuration, may be for the malware infection of your pc and so on. If you already solve all these said problems then you should take the technical support the platform you are using.

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    You need to look for a good internet provider, and also see where you are trading from, if the internet connection is good and fast, because if you have a slow internet connection or you are in a place that there is poor receive of the connection, then your orders will always be delayed.

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    I think my dear brother without a doubt furthermore i experienced that sort involving challenges more and more often than not i really don't find out excessive with that yet so within my region internet connection rate certainly not remains identical that basically result in extra challenges to our trading software since very best online rate is most beneficial for trading platform to do very best trading.

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    Well I anticipate back internet is apathetic so its beggarly the capital account of such problem, so I additionally faced aforementioned botheration back my internet affiliation goes apathetic , so aforementioned actuality that you accept a apathetic or bad internet affiliation which is dabbling your orders from advice bound with the server so charge try to get a bigger internet affiliation now.

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