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Thread: Why mt4 so laggy

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    laggy mt4 happened when the market so crowded because many people try to enter their orders and some of other try to make close order, this behavior can be seen when news happened, so we will see mt4 a little bit laggy because of the crowded situation.

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    Hello sir I am not getting that type of problem in mt4 till now I am very happy with robo forex server I have not problem with that till now and I am enjoying my trading very well in mt4 software I think there is some problem with your internet connection so you should check with that about your internet connection it will be best and good for you sir

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    use strong antivirus and fast connection for trade , for assistance contact related officials of the brokerage company , they can solve your problem better .

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    use a modern devises with high processors or bigger ram and make sure you connection is fast and dont open any other programs while trading .

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    I'm sure gradual connection to the internet is the principal cause of such problems. My spouse and i also challenged very same difficulty while our connection to the internet moves gradual. Exclusively at the opt for hour or so inside nation this specific varieties of gradual link are found below. While connection to the internet becomes quicker before too long and then the thing is solved.

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    It must a lot of activities in server side so you could not faster to close your trade because the server still handle another request for around the world, so there will be some stuck on order that make us have to wait for some time before other request in finished.

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    I have seen one of the major problem in mt4 trading platform is breaking of internet connection , initially i thought that breaking of internet is due to the cause of slow speed of internet but after some time it became clear that yes it is due to the reason of mt4 software and it is everyday normal problem .

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    According to me there will be some problem with your internet connection sir that's why we get the problem of like that in our software otherwise it work very well for everyone I am using robo forex broker meta trader 4 software their server is also good at all so I have no problem with that you should change your internet connection and should use a fast internet connection for trading

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    Yes i agree with you mt4 so laggy. I have faced this problem. I think it means slow internet connection. We have slow internet connection and not open any websites. But the only application that work is metatrader. Again when we are closed trade with profit then mt4 so laggy.

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    my spouse and i are not aware of what exactly will you indicate by means of laggy, although when it comes to shutting down trading in profit or even reduction you can find additional variables than make a difference this particular issue and also metatrader offers absolutely nothing to do with all of them, for instance your online velocity and also computer system velocity additionally toy ones brokers setup velocity abilities you must think of that.

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