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Thread: Why mt4 so laggy

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    MT4 be slowed for several reasons and the most frequent reason is the computer virus spreading on a computer. also we have the problem with internet connection, we need to pay attention with your internet speed. and Some broker always disconnect their server before high impact news release. it may cause of leggy.

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    To solve this problem here comes different platform like mt5, ctrader, mirror traders etc. Actually mt4 is old fashioned trading software which is relatively slow. I found trading execution depend on other factors like internet speed of trader, load on server and execution speed. It also depend on order execution types of servers. You know market execution does not have requotes but normally open or closed at different price in a volatile market which you did not wanted. So I generally avoid it. But instant execution doesn't have such solution and definitely you will face requote several times in mt4.

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    When a trader execute an order, sometimes the order will not close immediately. Because our internet concretion is very slow so you need to check your internet speed first time. if that speed is well , than find the mt4 system of the broker. so You can use mt5 for better performance which have better speed and options.

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    Maybe what you talk about mt4 slow response or something like that, my first answer maybe your computer has some virus so make your system hard to make a process, but the second answer your internet is in trouble so make your connection so slowly or broker server in some busy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZnA View Post
    why mt4 so laggy when i cut profit,
    when an order to close is not executed immediately, two things might be the cause.
    1. it might be that the internet connection is slow and does not communicate fast
    2. it might be there is high volatility in the market, and therefore the fast price movement could not be picked at your price.

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    I think you have a slow internet connection as you close your trade in a fixed position and you get a less better position that you never want to see.You need a better internet connection that can help you to stop your trade immediately in a desired and fixed position when you have closed your trading.

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    Already Internet connection is slow when these things happen and I see important to choose a fast Internet during trading so as not to lead to a disruption of the podium, especially when you open deals without setting pending orders important to choose the Internet and be in the Internet alternative in case of disconnect can use alternative Internet

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    No I don't think so even I feel that metatrader4 is better than the newest version mean Metatrader5. I feel that Metatrader5 is confusing. MT4 is clear easy to understand and most used trading terminal in the world. Metatrader4 is not laggy I think you should check your system or internet speed may be there's some kind of virus or threat that lagging you terminal.

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    my friend meta trade 4 is the world most popular trading software .it is using by thousands of traders around the world so why you are saying that it is a leggy plate form .mt4 is not laggy and i think it may be a problem with your internet connection .on my pc mt4 runs fast .repair your internet connection .

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    it may cause that you have a problem in your computer or your internet connections.sometime the server we use may become slow and it would occur mt4 laggacy. But i strong beleive that internet connection is the main problem in this case. Or try the newer version of windows to make it well.

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