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    Technically the current price is in its normal monthly area (bb 480, aqua color), located in the weekly reference trending up area (bb 120, magenta) and in the daily trending up area (bb 24, lime color).
    The current trend tends to be bullish

    From information that can be concluded, it is possible that the price will continue the bullish trend. So the best entry option is Buy

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    On GBPNZD Period 60 Symbol (H1) The price movement from today's opening is 406 Pips (Bullish). The MA indicator (14) shows Bearish and the MACD Indicator (12.26,9) shows Bullish. Then the Channel Slope shows an Uptrend.

    Uptrend trendline is in line with MACD Bullish versus Bearish signal MA while prices move positively from opening today
    indicates that there is a correction to return to the Bullish trend so that the results of the analysis are still concluded Bullish.

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    Sterling's trading volume moved at the highest rate of decline since March, after the Brexit deadline was decided to be postponed until October. While Boris Johnson is expected to be the most likely candidate to replace Theresa May, with the possibility of Brexit without agreement can be done.

    Market watchers may have a stronger reaction to the average income index or average wage growth in three months because the reading is scheduled to decline from 3.2% to 2.9% for the period ending in April.

    Weaker-than-expected results could add to downside pressure on sterling, especially with the Brexit uncertainty likely to weigh on future working conditions, but a surprise upside could spur intraday gains.

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    GBPNZD TimeFrame: 1 HOURS
    Trend reference: MOVING AVERAGE PERIOD 8
    Reference direction: MOVING AVERAGE PERIOD 200
    Taking into account the candle position of the moving average used, the price is currently in the condition: Below MA8 Below the MA200
    The conclusion of the current trend is the price is in condition: DOWN

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    Alligator (13,8,5): FLAT
    Stochastic (13,2,3): FLAT
    MacD (12,26,9): FLAT
    SMA (200): BULLISH

    Analysis: For now the movement towards the BULLISH MEDIUM is visible

    Conclusion: BUY

    Thank you, still use good money management

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    BUY FROM 1.9325
    SL. 1.9285
    Tp. 1.9450
    Tp. 1.9600

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