sell nzb jpy
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Thread: sell nzb jpy

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    sell nzb jpy

    sell nzb jpy at 81
    stop loss 82
    take profit 79.90
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    buy euro jpy

    euro jpy.PNG

    buy euro jpy @ 131
    stop loss 120.80
    and take profit 133

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    If viewed from a high time frame, EURJPY pair tends to down trend, but if eur, do a little movement against this morning there will be a slight upward correction. I have not dared to determine buy with the target profit which far. But if it just took a few points, I think it's pretty good.

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    well dear thanks for your share idea here but I am just trade on gold pair because that pair is working very fast so I am also just do that in trade with Gold, and some time i interest to other pairs like EURO USD and EURO JPY, i will see to trade for that pair.

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