Is practice make perfect?
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Thread: Is practice make perfect?

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    Post Is practice make perfect?

    I think if you learn and practice on demo account you will able to be a successful trader because if you trade everyday your knowledge will be better.Do you agree?

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    Practice makes a man perfect- it very true. Without making practice we cannot gather the expected skill in forex trade. Forex trade is risky, so it is very essential to continue practice with demo trading for more than 6 months get the perfection in real trading.

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    It is absolutely true in every other aspect of life like sports that practice really makes someone perfect. Any forex trader who wants to become a perfect and successful trader must be prepared to practice and practice contstantly. They must practice different trading strategies before becoming experts.

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    Of course, as with any trading practice then we will improve our experience as well in forex trading. With practice we will get a lesson from a variety of things, such as on trading psychology, strategy that we use, gain loss, as well as other subjects.

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    Yes I agree with you. More practice may more understand how forex works. But I think practice in the demo trading for build the trading strategy and then go to the live trading after several months of demo trading. Let's not very long in the demo trading. The actual practice is in live trading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fx worrior View Post
    I think if you learn and practice on demo account you will able to be a successful trader because if you trade everyday your knowledge will be better.Do you agree?
    Yes i am agree with this , my opinion good practice make us more confident to trade with our decision . its because practice give us a lot of experience and more knowledge. we can improve skill by so much practice then next time we will be more perfect.

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    Of course. Practice make us being more experience. And experience is necessary for our trade. Like driving car. You may not being confidence if you only know about the theory how to driving car, or you just success for three days driving car. You need more experience, maybe including accident, to increasing your confidence and make you better to drive it on the street.

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    Yes dear practice is much important for us so practice is the key to becoming a successful trader so more and more practice is the key here but most of the traders did not practice well and face much loss in forex trading market so every trader who wants to rich should practice in demo account.

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    Yes its true about practice make someone be more perfect , its indicates that for a trader how much you practice of forex trading then you can be more perfect in trading, you can felt improvisation bout your knowledge and growing your confident in this business

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    anybody thinking of becoming successful in this business of Forex trading such person need to practice alot,the only way constant money can be made when trading this business is when one has being able to practice and understand this trading pattern properly,many people fail in this business because they dont have a trading plan.

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