If i was asked when i started the trading of forex, i will say the knowing of the trend of the market is the only thing needed by traders, but the truth is that, we need more than that to make success out of forex trading. And many of the things that are affecting traders to make success is emotion, and the only cure to this is the discipline of the trader. Discipline is a virtue on its own, it remolds, rebuilds and put in shape the trader at all time, and this will not let traders to trade in a way that is not fit for a qualifying trader. This shows they will be trading within the scope of their trading system, and do not give room for emotional trauma to affect them while they trade what they know.

Criterias to be disciplined; You can not just believe you will be disciplined, and you will actually be disciplined, you will be disciplined on purpose, and you will have the determination to overcome the side attractions that might affect the discipline.

1. You have to have faith in your trading system
2. You must trade with the amount that can not build your emotion
3. You must have the determination that, you will either do what your trading plans say or do nothing in the market.

If all these three criterias could be obeyed, i am sure that you will not have issue with discipline. And before the number one point could be achieved, i believe that the traders would have got the good trading system which they have believe over. And by good trading system, i mean the system that can give traders the winning of about 70% consistently, that will build the moral of the trader forver.

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