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Thread: Quality of trades vs quatity of trades

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    Quality of trades vs quatity of trades

    It is not the quantity of trades that determines how successful one can be in forex trading but the quality thereof and that is why you must not run after taking too many trades but rather you should exercise enough patience until you see a good high probability trade. Trader A who only took less than 5 trades in a month might end the month in good profits than trader B who had more than twenty trades in a month. I think that forex brokers will like those who take too many trades because that is where they earn their incomes in term of the spread they charge.

    To be successful and remain so, you must strive to embrace the quality trades and not the quality. Any contrary opinion is welcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Striker$ View Post
    We all need to know the essence of quality is to help us pick good trading signals, when we make use of quantity, then it means that the trader is going to keep on taking poor trading signals, but when we are in more for the use of the quality, we will first of all value the use of the higher time frame and when we do value the use of the higher time fram,e then again, we will make sure to be the kind of trader who also validates trades before taking them.
    we should not think about quantity, because our main thing is our quality, if we work on quantity it can happen we earn from a lot of orders but loses in single and most of time we close in smaller profit but loses big, so make sure you do not do this thing, you must need to work properly,quality should be matter here, it is important thing for us, so work hard and be patient

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