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Thread: self intropection and check our talent

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    self intropection and check our talent

    self intropection and check our talent
    this is a similar thing with evaluation, but i guess that self intropection has deep meaning than it,
    many of us still got the problems to trade properly and then got some losing for many times and even blew up the account and almost dried the mind too,

    and the ironic here that we have tried to fix them with evaluate the past, see the weakness and then try to fix them, but then still got the same results,

    what's going on to us and why still got the same problems and results ?

    that is the time for us to start to open mind, do not blame to something or feel bad that we have not the way in this business,

    we just need to take a look to ourselves, do we take the right choice and understand it with well or we just take it with low seriousness ?

    sometimes we forget about this thing, what is our basic or talent and did we ever try to dig it deeply ? or just still stay or follow the others and hope to get the best trading system ? need to noted that not all best trading system will give them a guarantee for success because we are different each others,
    and if we want to sit back, and see our real talent, and then start to dig it with seriously or take it with full responsibility then forex will give us the way to walk nicely,

    we have to have the stronger commitment about it, then the promises to make a better trading in the future will come true

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    Forex traders don't need a lot of money to exchange due to having the option to exchange on margin. The average Forex broker requires at any rate $300 to open an account and begin trading. A decent general guideline is to have in any event $1000 to open a little account, preferably $2000. This number may sound somewhat high for learners, yet this will enable you to exchange with somewhat of a cradle if there should be an occurrence of losses.

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