Patience brings profit
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    I think if you have enough patience you can become a successful trader because patience its very necessery to have consistent profit.Do you agree?

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    I think it is 100% right that patience bring profit in Forex business because patience is most important key for success in Forex business. I think without patience no one can gain success in Forex business. So try to keep patience on trading for success and get good profit within short time in Forex business.

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    It is true, patience can bring benefit to us, because with patience we can look for better opportunities when trading forex. We can also get peace in our analysis and trading psychology to be more stable, so that we can do better trading analysis if we use patience.

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    Even of the patience does not bring money, patience pays the traders. You should never try to rush in the market, if you ever rush in , you will by no doubt rush out of the market. This is why you must be very careful and do things right in the market. All traders needs rest, this is why we are here, but what will make you regret is the wrong mind of trading.

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    Patience is verymuch important in forex trade. Forex is risky trade where we can face huge loss at any time for improper trading. Patience can help us to make trade in the right track and bring profit- I agree with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fx worrior View Post
    I think if you have enough patience you can become a successful trader because patience its very necessery to have consistent profit.Do you agree?
    I am agree again with you , in my thought also trading with patience will brings a good result when trading, for be patience trading certainly we have dicipline mind, and also proper mental management, its very halpfull to be as patient trader, with best analyze in forex market

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    It is far better and less risky to trade with patience than to attempt to get rich too quickly in a short time. Most forex traders make the mistake of not having patience, they try to double their money in a few days by trading big lots which is very wrong.

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    Yes, patience is necessary for our trade. And combine it with strong money management, we can always profit when we trade. Maybe the results of our trade will not increasing fastly. But with patient, we can make our trade zero of loss if we combine the both.

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    Yes dear patience is much important for us , if we have more patience then we will be able to earn more and more money in forex trading market so patience is much essential for us and without having patience, we cannot be successful in forex trading market.

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    patience keep big roll in our success in Forex trading, if you lose patience you loss concentration from strategy and this thing take to loss. make good strategy according to fundamentals and technical analysis and go confidently with your strategy and keep patience,

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