Why some people do not like forex?
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Thread: Why some people do not like forex?

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    Post Why some people do not like forex?

    I heard a lot of people that they don't like forex or blame it like my parents and my brothers they say this is not a good business or you cannot make a living money.

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    I cannot tell about the other people whether they like forex or not. But I can say about me that I like forex very much and I want to stay in this market in the long run and accordingly I am preparing myself. I believe that it is very possible to stay in this market with profit if I try.

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    I believe that forex is so risky business and it is so difficult to gain forex market without knowing any knowledge regarding forex business. people who know about forex business perfectly they never treat you as it is bad or something like that. but i wanna to told you that forex is risky , so should be skilled in trading and get more profit here.

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    Well that is the sad result of traders who lost their capital in forex trading and they tell tales of their loss to others to discourage them from trading forex so many people have been discouraged by the tales of their loss so they avoid trading forex

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    Yes, indeed a lot of people who do not like this business, especially those around us. Therefore we must have a strong determination to become a forex trader, because this business is our choice, not the choice of others. Therefore we suggested trading forex with our own money, do not ever use the money the people around us.

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    mostly two types of people not like forex one are those who face big losses in forex but they should remember that forex market not give them loss they face losses cause of their own mistakes.also some type of those people who never trade in forex but their perception about the forex is not good thats why they not like forex.

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    i think this have a cause they want to make money by the short time and they want to be rich man by the take big lot size by this taking they loss money and after all they start hate trade and they leave forex trade and i think this is not good for them and they want to make money by the forex but not to follow rules

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    If you do the understand the forex trading is good business and you can do the business in any time and anywhere tasks.you try to family and friends forex trading is good business and free thinker full time or part time business 24 hours business day trading.

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    Some people think Forex is scam, Forex is not real business but i think it is not right because Forex 100% real business, Forex is not scam. It is 100% right that Forex more high risky business in the world but so profitable business too. I am newbie Forex trader and i get profit in Forex business. For this reason i like Forex and trade in Forex market. So everyone can join Forex and get profit with Forex business.

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    It is very possible that some trades does not like the forex business, and it might be because of the way they are hearing traders losing in the market up and down. It takes a very serious heart to stay in the forex market and still get the right success from it really. You need to look beyond what people are saying in order to move forward in life.

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