See, What make our strategy very successful ?
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Thread: See, What make our strategy very successful ?

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    See, What make our strategy very successful ?

    I think that most of us have his own strategy to use in the market .

    we may use the same strategy and differs our results . why?

    he answer is in the AIDS which help our strategy to be successful . like :#

    our skills .

    -our way in the money mangement .

    our greed to get the target .

    our intelligence while the trading .

    our approaches to understand the market and the prices behaviours .

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    some traders think that the indicators following . and there are some indicators which can help us to know and expect the trading attitude . and then we have to find more about the details for the best thing to do and all the trading ideas can be merged together in order to find the best results to use in the trading .

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    Of course, the efficient strategy is necessary for anyone going to succeed in trading. All trades executed by the trader should be based on a particular idea. To turn idea into strategy to be able to use it trader should develop a set of rules for each step of trading process form performing market analysis to executing trades. The process of strategy development is quite complicated and time consuming, but there are special tools that help traders to improve their performance. For example, it is very important to backtest each strategy befor using it on real account to avoid losses caused by mistakes in strategy rules. Most of the trader test their strategy through simple demo trading, but to my mind this approach is neither efficient nor accurate enough. It is better to use special software for backtesting like Forex Tester to make this process automated. As the result, trader would get a detailed information on the performance of his strategy in real market conditions since backtesting is performed using historical data provided by brokers. Then, when the trader already has backtesting results confirming that the strategy itself is profitable, he can start with short demo testing to practice his trading skills with this particular strategy.

    It is also important to understand that markets are subject to changes, so the efficiency of the strategies could decrease with the time. That is why trader should check the performance of the strategy comparing it to backtesting results and make changes necessary to improve the effiicency of the strategy in accordance with the new trading conditions and current market dynamic.

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