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    Contest "The Guide to Forum"

    Dear Forum users!

    The administrator offers to take part in the contest "The Guide to Forum".

    The competition is open to all registered users of the forum.
    For participation you need to create a message with describing of the most interesting threads for you. You need to explain in details why you like this thread and live an active link to it.

    Terms of the contest:
    Contest is held between January 23 and February 23, 2016.
    Results will be announced – February 24, 2016.
    Prizes will be transferred - February 26, 2016.

    Determination of the results:
    The winners are defined by the Board of the moderators from the number of participants who have given the most complete description of useful and interesting topics of the forum.The distribution of prize-winning places will be carried out by the Board of moderators with considering the voting of forum users.

    You can vote by clicking "Thank you" for the message.

    1st place - 130 $
    2nd place - 100 $
    3rd place - 90 $
    4th place - 70 $
    5th place - 60 $
    6th place - 50 $
    7th place - 40 $
    8th place - 30 $
    9th place - 20 $
    10th place - 10 $

    *Prizes are given in a form of forum bonuses.

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    Woow!! A new contest. Let me create my message. SO much glad about this, I am looking forward to be one of the winners.

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    First of all I would like to say A BIG THANKS TO the Forum Admin and the Moderator for such a contest.

    Well, I got interested with forex not long ago and I am glad I stumbled on the right forum, being a new trader, I have been trying so many different trading methods, but there are some few threads in here which has given me the good insight of how to follow and trade in the market.

    The first one is. BY SPLASH

    The thread has a good description and screen shot of how to follow the trend using bollinger band and candle stick, which is suggested to work more on the daily time frame. I have practically followed and traded( Demo account) what the trader taught and wrote on that thread and it worked. Here are some shots of the trade I took with as following the trend as per what SPLASH explained.

    The GBPAUD Trade.

    The trend was a down trend on the daily chart before a pin bar formed( the inserted arrow area and close beneath the bollinger middle band and was confirmed by the bearish candle. I took the trade on the demo account and it gave to me 1:2 profits. It was great, I have been learning the candle stick pattern, I think that was what helped me.

    Another one is the EURAUD Trade. Similar thing happened one the inserted arrow area when the down trend started. I also took the trade as well.


    Another thread is the BY PROPENSITY100

    Although I have read of this on the internet but I think PROPENSITY100 Gave more insight on it and I think it works more when the breakout goes with the trend. Because I trade the daily time frame, it does not occur at all times. Here are the ones I also took on the demo account that and I am still learning it.

    As Explained by PROPENSITY100 when the bollinger bands comes real close to each other and then a candle forms and breakout of the bollinger band(upper or lower) then we have a trade set up, but my experience has taught me that it is more effective when the squeezer goes along the trend.

    In the screenshot The USDCAD was already on a strong uptrend on the daily chart when the bollinger band squeezer happened and I took the trade on the demo account and it worked.


    In conclusion, there are so many other interesting threads here, close to all threads. But apparently this few that goes in line with the trading candle stick pattern I loved to learn are the ones that I have put to practice and it works. Now, if I can get my emotions together and make use of good risk management explained in this thread BY cozard007 and practice for more six months on the demo account, I think I will be able to become successful in the forex trading business.

    I would love to encourage cozard007 SPLASH and PROPENSITY100 To create more informative thread, it really helped me believe that I can have a good trading strategy

    Roboforex forum is the best. I must say.


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    Thread from Value trader

    Quote Originally Posted by Value trader View Post
    We immediately register much more ambiguity, volatility and uncertainty. Price goes back and forth. No one would say with confidence who is in control here.

    So, we come to conclusion that, yes, price reflects everything but it needs some time to do that. On small timeframes price becomes advertising mechanism that fluctuates from high to low prices to attract buyers and sellers for whatever reasons.
    The thread explains of how trader should works of the deeper on appreciation as following use of returns with the deliverance of market.
    As occupying use of the different models on referring indication as trader works with the series on stages as preparing one with the option to put with the order commands on opening position.

    Quote Originally Posted by Value trader View Post
    Sometimes it’s hard to identify value. It’s not easy process and sometimes market will rotate waiting for more information.
    Those to works as managing use with the returns of the technical works with the analytics and more on following the news and release of regulation from the market on confirming the precise on decision to work with the order.

    The use as trader having of basics with the customs on ideal preference helps on achieving of stronger with the supports on confirmation to gives of one with the conclusion.

    The practice of the fundamental analytics theory from Charles Dow,for example , should works on trader to gains of helps with the decision to defines of option to run with the order creation.
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    I have read your article and what you wrote is really nice. So my thumbs up for you and best wishes for you in the contest. Its the ocassions of the birthday of our Roboforex forum and so its the celebration time for all of us, the members of this forum. I will soon participate in the contest and wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ROBOFOREX FORUM with my feelings for the forum taking the form of words.

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    Azis "The Guide to Forum"

    Hi guys

    First of all, I would like to congratulate RoboForum for its Birthday. I hope all of us here can be prosperous and success in this business.

    That's for the chit chat, let's just straight to the point. There are few threads that really hit me and change me to a better forex trader, but this time I will share 3 threads that can change a forex beginner to a better one. These threads really really punch me in my face and heart, from the first time I came to this forum and I always remember all the pain and gain whenever I read them. They're all from Value trader, one of the best Forex Educator I've ever known.

    1. How many times... ?!
    Link to the thread :!

    This thread, personally taught me to increase my self-awareness and consciousness in forex trading and don't get careless. And Thread Starter explained that as a human being, we can't avoid such things like feeling pain of loss, frustration (will lead to revenge trades without accurate analysis) and boredom (will lead to overtrading, hedging, or else) since its our nature as human. Yet we need to stabilize our emotions but it's not the first thing we must pay attention to.

    This thread is the reason why I created a trading journal and keep them always from my 1st year of trading until now. That's why I'm able to make some profits with increased winning rates. I make my trading journal, both in my laptop and in this forum. So, people may try the same thing as I did and prove the result.

    2. The blame game
    Link to the thread :

    In this thread, Thread Starter explained people that blaming ourself may look like we accept 100% responsibility for our losses, but in reality self-blame is counterproductive state of mind. In fact that most people not only blame themselves for their losing trades, but anything that likely innocent such as indicators, internet connection, lagging trading platform, false news result, etc.

    This thread changed me from a beginner who playing blame game and take anything near me to be blamed, to a trader with responsibility. This thread also changed my mindset " I know where the MARKET will go, but I don't think of what MARKET will do?". Whenever a trader plays this blame game, he will start losing his responsibility in making decisions and he will drive himself to uncontrollable emotions. This is why we must avoid such blame game and be a wise and responsible trader.

    3. When physical condition drives your psychology
    Link to the thread :

    This is the best and the most important thread of all. It doesn't matter how much money we can earn or how profitable our strategy works, if we have unhealthy life. As human being, the first thing to do before doing anything is to keep our mind, body and soul healthy. We must ensure everything remains under control so we can use our mind to think more accurate and our body to take all actions.

    According to this thread, we must pay more attention to some points, they are Dehydration, Glucose level, and Sleep deprivation. Dehydration may lead to lack of attention and concentration, that's why we must drinks enough water so our brains can process information properly. Glucose is the main energy source for our brain, and lack of glucose will depress thinking process and overall productivity. Actually, in daily routine, optimal glucose level gives us confidence to execute our decisions.

    And the last one is Sleep deprivation, one of the strongest enemy of Forex traders. Sleep enough to avoid taking exceeding risk and recognizing danger. Choose your trading time wisely and don't ever use your bedtime to trade, never. Don't force yourself to trade whenever you're feeling so sleepy or tired, because it will give you nothing but only losing trades. Sleep for at least 5 to 6 hours, you'll feel fresh and new for the market.

    Well, they are the best 3 threads in this forum that really changed me. Hope you guys find a lot of excellent information and gain a lot of experiences in this great forum. Good luck to all of us.

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    My journey in Forex and my acquaintance with Roboforex and its forum

    It is about 3 years now I have been into Forex trading. My first year, I was a desperate loser. My first broker was really no match compared to the Great Roboforex broker. My first broker used to take about 3 days to process a withdrawal and many times I used to cancel the withdrawal and then lost the money in trading. The spreads used to widen heavily during odd trading hrs and during the news. During my first year I was a high risk trader and barely had any systematic approach in trading. All these resulted in continuous loss of my money. But I made up my mind that things cannot continue this way and I cannot be a loser for eternity.

    I then found Roboforex and experienced its great trading conditions and then I knew that it is with Roboforex that I can build a successful trading career in Forex. My determination to improve my trading ways aided by the great trading conditions offered by Roboforex, its educational campaigns, webinars and with the help of This forum I soon realized that my trading was giving me profits. With the treasure of knowledge in Roboforex forum and the added benefit of bonus our desire to learn and excel in trading is just multiplied.


    I think words are insufficient to describe this great Roboforex forum
    Yes everyone knows the importance of knowledge in trading. It is knowledge that gives birth to all trading strategies, plans and systems. And what if our process of acquiring knowledge is also rewarding. This phenomenon happens when we are learning with Roboforex forum.The credit goes to Roboforex team for its excellence in managing its business. So my big hats off to Roboforex broker and its team.

    I like many threads of the forum
    It would not be possible for me to highlight here all the threads I like because that will require me to write many pages and will take a long time. However I would like to mention some of the threads I like here but that does not mean that these are the only threads I like. I like many other threads and it is very possible that I could have not remembered a thread that I like more while I am writing these reviews.

    1.The first thread I like to mention is by Valuetrader, who is the educator for the forum- Limitations of our knowledge
    This is really an inspiring thread that shows us that it is not ever possible for a trader to remain assured of positive results in his trading. market can change colors swiftly and can prove it supremacy over any strategy or indicators or charts. So being prudent and being aware of the risk we took in opening a trade is always an essential factor for successful trading. Whatever we learn and understand there is always limitations to our knowledge and it is not possible to analyze and factor in all the factors that drives the currency prices.

    I would like to bring and highlight here few words from this thread which I liked
    " The funny thing about trading is that most of the time it makes us collide with uncertainty. Imagine – how would you feel if you are stepping in the dark and felling some ground under your boots, but suddenly you lose that feel? That what trader often faces with – market conditions switch from one to another, edges stop working, volatility cyclically changes. "

    2. Should we open trades on certainty or on probability?- By Shivanandfx is the second thread I want to mention


    Here the thread writer has explained it very nicely that Forex trading can never be on certainty and is always on probability. The probability of loss is always there no matter how good a trading strategy is or how good a trader is with his analysis. So again it thought me the need of managing our trading and our risk properly.

    The thread writer explains that it is possible that we may either get profits or losses from any trade. How good analysis increases the probability of earning profits from a trade and and decrease that of incurring a loss

    Few words from the thread that inspired me
    " Trading with certainty : Well the obvious and clear answer for the above question might be a trader should always open trades on certainty. But the problem is that way a trader cannot open a single trade because certainty never exists in our trading. So trading with certainty can only be a fantasy that can be imagined and the only option left to the trader is to trade on probability."

    3. Traps of the market - By valuetrader is a thread full of useful information.

    Here our Educator explains us the usual traps in which many traders fall despite that watch the market carefully. He explains the first trap of the market with the terms "High/low fallacy.". Of course I myself fell into this trap several times till now. In a range bound market where the prices retreat back after moving a certain distance and this range bound movement continues for a good amount of time, I often thought that its a good opportunity to make some money with scalping or short term trading. And of course I have been caught in the trap when market made its real move and broke from the range giving me hardly the time to realize what has happened.

    The thread writer also explains about the second trap with the terms Volatility bias. He explains how traders jump in after noticing a strong move and how they are trapped with wrong prices. By reading this I understood that it is always better to find good prices to open trades when market settles or when a breakout is about to happen. It can trap us on the wrong side if we jump into when the breakout has already happened.

    Few words of knowledge from this thread
    "The most frequent mistake that traders make usually occurs when price was standing for an extended period of time in some trading range and had broken out eventually to a new highs/lows.

    Traders usually look back to 3-4 days, and rarely know what’s happening on at least one timeframe higher than theirs. So, they have seen numerous false breakouts before and now they think in the say – «this breakout will be false as well». Too often, it is far from true. Market conditions change and they (markets) transit from bracketing to trending conditions."

    4. Price action basics . Part 1 -7 By valuetrader are very informative and useful threads for any trader in my view


    These are a series of helpful threads by our educator. Reading all these 7 threads can really give us useful knowledge that can practically help us in improving our trading. Here the thread starter gives us nice information starting with the basic nature of the movement of currency prices and then guiding us into the details. Its written in a clear and interesting manner and stressed on the factors responsible for the price movement and the importance of analysis.

    In these series of threads Valuetrader explains in an interesting way about price and value and the fragile equilibrium that exists between these two. He also explaisn tabout the liquidity and how a trend is just a result of an imbalance when the liquidity is low. There is lot of information that a trader can derive by reading these set of 7 threads.

    Few words from the thread I want to mention

    "The same is with long positions - there are lots of weak holders, that have very close "pain point" - they go long, place very close stop and if they have no defense from "strong holders", market will probaly go after their stops, because there is always strong counterparty that can hold the level and prevent price from further rising (remember - they can place as many "sell limit" orders as they want)"

    : I have listed 4 threads above and I like many more thread which If listed will make this very lengthy. I would like to conclude by saying that we are fortunate to be part of a great family that is roboforex forum and traders of the great broker Roboforex. Now how much benefit we can derive depends on our own capabilities. Lets work and dont let it go in waste.
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    First of all I am very thankful to all robo forex community team who bring a such nice forum contest in front of. Its really unique and i have never seen and faced a contest like this. Robo forex forum is brining so many nice contests and they are essential to build our trading knowledge, As a part timer I have learned well from my robo forex forum teacher so far and in last two year's of my journey I have learned good from the so many good robo forex forum threads. Actually all member's have good threads and there is doubt in it that they are lazy in their work, some are small and some are big threads but most of all member's have included the good informations in threads,Now I want to share those threads with all of you who really provide me good help in my trading career they are as follows:

    This is my first, all we know that Value trader is on top. He have a good thread writing skill and have good and unique information about forex.

    Motivation of a trader:


    I have learned good things from this thread, this is a very good advice and view about this business that we should focus on slow and steady learning, Value trader have explained in the thread that how we have to do trade in forex, actually its a challenge for us, there is no need of any quick activity, we need patience in life and have to. Its also taught me that we have to control our ego and have to do regular personal growth in our trading career. Only some clicks on chart would not give us the right earning and success, this thread also taught me that success and forex trading would depend upon the skill.

    High Risk Trading low Risk Trading:


    This thread is written by Khimi234, As we know that she is one of the active member in the forum and she have a very good experience with robo forex forum. i like her threads because the summary is really short and its very easy to understand the things with short summaries. I love this thread very much, The reason is very clear this thread taught me that how I can manage my risk in the trading, what impact high risk trading can show me in account, and what is the role of lower risk trading in forex.

    45 ways to avoid financial losses:


    This is one more beauty in the forum, this thread is created by Moderator Gulfstream sir, His view is really good about the financial losses, and all those 45 posts are amazing and important for us to learn from the forum. I like the way he described about the all those 45 reasons. Even top ten points will clear for a trader that why he is losing money in forex, lack of knowledge, over trading, use of borrowing, other opinion, stop loss ignorance, etc there are so many other points which are really interesting to read.

    Mistakes does not make a trader loser but repeating mistakes will:

    Propensity is also one of my favorite thread creator in this forum. Long and short both of threads are impressive and effective. This thread taught me that how one single mistake don't lead to a disaster or failure, but repeating of same mistakes can bring disaster in our career. I know that line is very simple but there is something really interested to learn in this special line.

    My trading mistakes during trading

    This thread is created by hukam, The tread creator is simply explained about his trading experience. And this thread taught me that how a lack of knowledge can destroy of life in forex market, He is also paying the attention on the value of risk management, money management, trading journal, the role of stop loss etc. For a new trader its really important to pay attention on this thread.

    Following the trend with candle stick pattern supported with Bollinger bands.

    This thread is created by splash, This is a simple explanation regarding the use of candlesticks and bollinger bands to follow the market trend, its really interesting for so many traders, personally this thread taught me that its possible to calculate the direction of the trend with the help of bollinger bands and candlestick.

    Cash in from you experience and losses

    Forexfighter is the thread creator, and the vision of the thread is very clear that we should cash in through the help of our trading experience and losses, Many trader's want to leave from forex when they got failure but they don't understand that they bad trading experience and losses can make them successful in forex market. I think his reason is very sharp and right that learners are less that's why trader's getting the bad output.

    Simple Support and Resistance (Dynamic and Static) part 2

    How can we forget the RINAJI in this contest, he is really very important member of this forum and as far I know he got rewarded with pro member in a very earlier stage due to his great work. As we know that support and resistance are the valuable things in our trading analysis, and rina ji have made so many good threads about the support and resistance. Its easy to understand the concept of support and resistance in this thread. I have learned good regarding the technical analysis from it.

    Three Major Moving averages

    This is a very new guy in this forum, but i really like the work of this guy, Moving averages are always my favorite and I like his explanation about the the best moving average, they are the part of my trading system, moving average 8,20, and 200.I love to use all these moving average in intra day trading.

    The Power Of Fibonacci And 200SMA On 4hours Time Frame
    Cozard is also one of the active member in this community and as far i know about him he is a good thread creator, he have so many good threads and this is one of them. There are a lot of trader's who use fibonacci in trading, and moving average almost everyone's favorite in this market. This thread is full of trading knowledge regarding the strategy of moving average and fibonacci trading, Explanation is really fantastic.

    50 Ema Breakthrough System!

    This thread is created by moderator Gamer, Gamer mode have so many good threads out there in the forum, and I have learned well almost from all those strategies based threads, 50 EMA moving average is the part of my long term time frames analysis, personally I only do intra day trading but I have started the long term analysis also now, and gamer sir threads are really simple to understand with entry exit point, stop loss, and handy tips.

    Force your emotion involved in demo account:

    This thread is all about the value of demo trading learning, and thread is created by aris, He have shown the seven healthy and important tips in trading which are really important to implement during the learning of demo trading account. I also believe that we can achieve success in demo and real both, and I have got a very good motivation from this thread.

    As far I know all forum member's are valuable for each other and there are so many threads which are not added in my post but it mean is not that they are not valuable, I respect to all the member's but I have learned good from all these threads so I have attached these in my post.

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    This is one of the another wonderful contest for traders, Robo forex forum is a great job and I am very thankful to all those people who are the part of robo forex company. Its always a good move from forum admin and mods that they bring so many new contests for us time to time in the forum. Its not very easy at all for anyone to create a differ kind of trading contest criteria every time, ever time I have seen that contest is differ from the old one and that's a great work done by the team. Hats off to them.

    I have being reading so many form member's contest thread and they have really a good understanding of finding the good threads in the forum. One member have said above that all credit goes to all forum members, I am agree with him. It does not matter how is writing it could be the moderator or the member. All are equal and we all are spending our quality time to create those threads.

    I have been working in forex market more than six year's now and I have joined the robo forex forum community in 2014. I have created so many threads in the forum but I believe that other member's have much better potential and knowledge to write in those threads. Now this is the time to put all those threads below those are seeming best on the forum. The list is very big but I would try to give my best about it.

    According to me these three sections are mostly active in the forum lets focus on them, Trading psychology. motivation and discipline, Trading A to Z and Trading strategies.

    Thread Section: Trading A to Z.

    1.What is the Trading System? Link:

    As you all know that I like to help all newbies in my live, its my objective to help all new forex traders in their life because I know that how much problems they face in starting when they start their career in forex, that's why I have also focused on those threads which are important for new traders. This is the first thread, this thread will help trader's to know that types of trading system, traders can apply manual trading and robot trading in forex. Manual totally handled by trader, and robot trading is based upon the EA trading system.

    2.Double top and double bottom trading analysis, Link:

    Double top and Double bottom patten is my favorite, as a technical trader I like to do trade with all technical points of the market it contain so many kinds of patterns and double top and double bottom is one of the best pattern of them. Thread create have good some good words about the double top and double bottom in the thread.

    3. Trend-following indicators, Link:

    As we know that trend is our friend, and I am sure that all trader's want to follow the market trend, The super moderator have described very well about the parts of the trend, they are Bullish Trend, Bearish Trend, and the third market is flat sideways market. Along with it he have also described a good trend follower indicator named moving average.

    4.Guidebook for trader begginers link:

    This thread have the same thread created the super moderator robo forex trader, this thread is related to a guidebook. All important information is available for the new forex traders, its a good guide for them in which they can learn about the financial market risk, how much money we need to start, deals of financial market etc.


    These are valuable candlestick reversal patterns, There are two diagrams shown in this thread. Bullish and Bearish reversal patterns. This is all about the advanced shapes of candlesticks chart pattern. Those are colored candlesticks and in my view the rating of thread overall is very good. Its a perfect thread for candlesticks lovers.

    6. How I take pin bars(reply to Cozard007) link:

    Pin bar play an very important role in our trading analysis and some it give us a very good amount of signals in our a long series of trades, The thread creator have explained nicely that how we have to use the pin bar in trades. How to use it in a trending market with a continue signal. Diagrams are also added by him so it would be easy to understand for reader.

    7. Support and resistance levels link:

    As a technical trader support and resistance is my favorite trading analysis, and that's why I have added this thread in my best choice list, support and resistance are the base of our trading and they are very important to understand before testing ourself in real trading account. The moderator gulfstream have done a very good work with the whole thread.

    8. Do you know your risk? Link:

    The value trader is really a good forum educator, he have so many varieties of threads on the forum. This thread is all about the risk factor information and education, so many trader's enter in forex market without any knowledge, for them its only about the good money making business, many of them claim that there is no risk in forex. But I would suggest them to read this thread at least one time to know much and deep about the element risk.

    9. Can you trade with no stops? link:

    What is the value of the stop loss?
    If anybody want to know that then he should read this thread at least once his life. This thread is all about the right education of using stop loss with proper management. Value trader sir have described the thread in much better way with so many important titles. What we will get if profit and loss ratio is same, bigger, etc. What will happen if there is no stops. Its highly recommend for everyone to read the thread.

    10. Money management in a nutshell. Part 1 Link:

    Value trader have so many good speeches about the forex trading education in this forum, and frankly speaking I am a big fan of value trader sir, He only don't have the right idea about the technical points, along with it he have a good understand of managerial skill also. Lets take a long in this thread, What is the role of our money management that can be learned very well with the help of this thread. The educator sir have divided the management in three ways, Martingale, fixed proportion, and fixed fraction method.

    Section Trading Psychology, Discipline, Motivation:

    1.Emotion Controlling a Big Issue? link:

    This is very common problem for a trader now days that he don't have any pill or solution to control his emotion during trading. But as we know that first of all we need a good education for it and after that we have to apply that in trading. This is a thread where we can learn about those tactics which can save us from the war of emotion. The thread creator khimi have some many good points about the control of emotion.

    2.How to reduce the emotional obstacles for a profitable forex trading?

    This is also one of the best thread to know about the emotion controlling points, the thread creator super moderator robo forex trader have so many good points for traders which can sort out the problem of emotion for them. According to me moderator sir, we have to focus on these things changing the color of candle set and forget and focus on risk.

    3. Forex market does not have mercy or jealousy link:

    The speech is small but there is no doubt in it that the small speech have put the strong impact already, this is true that forex trading market don't show any mercy when people lose their money in forex, they can't go back and can't start once again if they have lost the money some day in trading. So folks we have to understand our trading responsibilities and limitations during trading. The thread creator propensity, is saying very right about the topic mercy.

    4. You need a real trading experience in forex. link:

    Folks this is also one of the good thread over there in trading psychology, discipline and motivation section. The thread creator forex learner have a clear indication that we have to focus on the real market trading learning and to get that we have to focus on real live trading, regular learning, and need a very strong idea about our entry and exit point.

    5. 7 Bad Habits Which Burning You, Need To Quit ! link:!

    Super moderator Gamer, is the creator of this thread and those seven bad habits are enough to understand the main reason of our failure in the market. Game sir have explained very nicely about those seven bad habits those are poor money management, Record of trades, desire to trade, changing trading system, buying robots, marrying trade, reverse trade etc.

    6. Motivational Trading Quotes Part 2 link:

    The Pro member Khimi234 is the writer of this thread, Those motivational quotes are very helpful to read, I have read this thread so many time and believe me when you will read the thread you will also get some positive energy from inside of your body. Member's should surely take a long on this thread and should follow the right motivation from it.

    7. The Importance of Having Your Trading Diary link:

    According to me the importance of a trading diary is always high in our trading life, and its our duty to follow the proper diary plan for our daily forex trading transactions because this could be our trading daily trading journals for us. Aziz muslim the thread creator have a good speech about the advantage and the importance of our trading diary.

    8.Take care of your health... link:

    The thread creator rina ji had some problem with health issues and its good to see that he have shared his experience with us. According to the thread creator our health is also very important for us, its very common that people don't want to give much percentage to their health rather than the money, Money is everything for them but I am agree with rina ji that our health should be good before doing any trading in forex because health is wealth.

    9.What does it take to become professional trader? link:

    Are you want to become a successful professional trader? According to me all would have the same answer Yes I want to become a professional forex trader, This is the thread upon which we have to focus to become a professional forex trader in life. The value trader educator have made this thread and there are three simple principles written by him in thread which you have to follow to become a pro.

    10. Benefits of Forex ( Foreign Exchange Market) link:

    There are so many advantages of forex trading market, the thread creator shambca7 included so many good advantages in his list and its good for us to take the advantage of those all benefits those are: Flexible business, Life time opportunity, real business, financial growth etc.

    11. 45 ways to avoid financial losses link:

    Moderator gulfstream included forty five important tips in this thread, which are really important to keep in mind in our life. Financial losses can cause in so many ways and trader's can lose a lot of money in forex if they are not aware with these things such as: Lack of knowledge, Take loan for trading, Trading without plan, No use of stop loss, wrong psychology etc.

    Section Trading Strategies:

    1. Fast EMA Trading System

    This is thread based upon fast ema trading system, The description of the thread is easy to understand and step by step information provided by the mode gamer regarding the time frame selection, currency pairs selection. The weak point of this strategy also included in the thread that is bad trading result in sideways market conditions.

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    Being part of the Roboforex's forum makes me feel successful
    Being part of this Forum inspires me
    Being part of this forum motivates me
    And being part of this Roboforex's forum makes me feel happy.


    When I came to knew Forex I also knew that this is the place where I can get financial assistance to fulfill all my financial dreams. But I was lacking in the right methods of trading, which I learned when I joined the Roboforex's forum. Here I learned all about Forex trading which slowly removed all my deficiency of Forex knowledge. Here I am going to put forth the threads which I like intensely in this forum.

    1. 7 Bad Habits Which Burning You, Need To Quit !
    Thread starter : Gamer, Super Moderator
    Link :!

    This thread has been starter by our super moderator, Gamer.Besides being a treasure of knowledge what I like about the threads started by Gamer is they are also very interesting to read. So this is the unusual skill of presenting knowledge in an interesting way. In this thread Gamer sir has given very useful information on 7 important factors that can lead to losses in trading.

    In this thread we can read the importance of money management and how wrong money management itself can be the cause of severe losses to a trader. It is also mentioned how not keeping records can make evaluation harder and how negatively this can impact a traders career. The third points mentions how addiction or desire to trade can be harmful.

    All the 7 points are really important but i liked the 6th point which is also interesting

    6.Marrying Trade- Here Gamer sir explains the need to close traders that are in losses. He also mentions the importance of stop loss and how adding to our loosing positions can ultimately kill the account.

    2. How I take pin bars(reply to Cozard007)
    Thread starter : Splash
    Link :

    Its just my view that splash is having good knowledge about candle sticks and how to use them for good analysis. I think splash can write more good threads which can help other members of the forum mainly with candlesticks. Splash has another good thread where he combines bollinger bands with candlesticks. However in this thread we get to read how pin bars can be effectively combined with good candles formation to give better trade signals. I am really impressed by the way he explains with illustrations how pin bards can work and also when they can fail when not supported by good candle formation.

    3. Mistakes does not make a trader loser but repeating mistakes will
    Thread starter : PROPENSITY100
    Link :

    I have been following the threads started by propensity100, and I think that the caption he gives to his threads are so attractive that I cannot stop from reading his entire thread. His threads have good knowledge and are always interesting to read. In this thread he simply mentions how mistakes can cause the failure of a trader. The mistake is actually not the culprit but it is the trader who ignores his mistakes and repeats the mistakes over and over again. And how this scenario leads to dreadful outcomes.

    4. Overbought or oversold?
    Thread starter : Valuetrader, Educator
    Link :

    Value trader is the educator in this forum and I think that he is a professional and experienced trader himself. This is because his threads are so full of wisdom and knowledge that it is not possible for any other person, than a professional trader to write such threads. He is also gifted with the skill of expressing his knowledge and experience in and interesting to read and easy to understand English.

    In this thread it is presented beautifully about the over brought and oversold market conditions. We all know that Forex is a liquid market and how a transaction cannot complete without a buyer and a seller. The knowledgeable Valuetrader mentions in this thread how smart money and public money affects the Forex market and how their effects can differ.
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