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    INTRODUCTION: It is a great opportunity to have a new contest for the participants of this great forum. This is always a good way for traders to compete of their talents and get to know the capability of each other. My sincere gratitude goes also goes to the roboforex company, this forum, and to the administrator and moderators of this honorable forum. In the same manner, i use this opportunity to congratulate this forum on its 3rd birthday, more grease to your elbow.

    Looking at this task ahead, i must say that all participants on this forum has tried without leaving anyone out of it. To create a forum means you have tried and use your time and energy for the betterment of this great forum. So, even if your thread is not here, that does not mean you have not done well, you have really done great, and i encourage you to do more in the future. Kudos to all of us on this forum. CHEERS

    THE THREADS: I have many of the nice threads which has added to my knowledge and the view on this business, and i took my time to choose the best of greater importance to me. They are as follow:

    1. Thread name: RISK TO REWARD RATIO
    Thread link:
    Thread Author: cozard007
    Explanation: This has ever been my best thread on this forum, it has brighten my view concerning the trading of the entire market. Before now, my total concentration was on the strategy getting and making my money in the market by more strategy only. It was this thread that shut me up on this, it explains how risk management is important to make more winning. It shows that even with poor strategy and better risk management, traders can still be successful.

    Thread link:
    Thread Author: Value trader
    Explanation: I appreciate this thread because it makes me to be mindful of what i am doing in the market. There are things which traders could control, so that it will not in turn affect the psychology of the traders while they trade, this is so important to me.

    3. Thread name: CUT YOUR LOSSES
    Thread link:
    Thread Author: cozard007
    Explanation: No matter what a trader is doing in the market, there is need for protection of the account and the trade you are taking. You do not have to procrastinate the cutting of losses, if you do, that will cause margin call and stop you out. It has happened to me many times when i am procrastinating to cut the growing losses, and before i knew it, it would have caused me a great draw down or the total account in most cases. When i read this thread, it motivates me to accept losses at the time which is still avoidable before it cost me more pains.

    4. Thread name:
    Thread link:
    Thread Author: Nova
    Explanation: I have always known that success comes through the working power and system of traders, not the amount of money you have. When you work with with big money and you do not know how to trade, you will lose the money. While not use the money only when you have the experience in the market? That is what the thread is about.

    5. Thread name: ARE YOU TRADING YOUR PLAN
    Thread link:
    Thread Author: cozard007
    Explanation: I know many of my trading friends that are good with the way to trade, but they do not make money no matter how much they try. I later realized that it is because they have plans and are not using it. This is why this thread touches me so much, it is the thread of consciousness and discipline. This thread made me know that traders should always make sure emotion do not shift them outside the box of their plans.

    6. Thread name: JOURNAL
    Thread link:
    Thread Author: Roboforex Trader
    Explanation: This thread emphasize on the importance of the trading journal. This is the jotting book that is there as the external brain of the trader which will be used by traders to evaluate and review themselves while they trade. This is effective in helping traders to correct their mistakes and develop themselves the more while trading. I love it.

    Thread link:
    Thread Author: cozard007
    Explanation: Whenever i read this topic, i get more motivated, because my answer is always; Yes, i can make it. This is a motivational thread to me, and i read the context to be sure that i fulfill all the criteria that will make me successful. I became more optimistic after reading this thread.

    8. Thread name: TRADING VS GAMBLING
    Thread link:
    Thread Author: Value trader
    Explanation: This is simply the thread that would make you know either you are trading or gambling, ad the choice is yours to change your ways if you are truly gambling, because gambling is not good.

    Thread link:
    Thread Author: PROPENSITY100
    Explanation: This is a good thread that talked about the management and consciousness of the lot size of traders. You can not just trade any lot size. You need to do it with the plans which you have for the risk management you want to be using. This is a good thread that will not make you to gamble with unnecessary risk, you need to plan your risk and know percentage of risk you take with a particular amount of capital.

    Thread link:
    Thread Author: Value trader
    Explanation: I value this thread much. This is one of my psychology cautioning thread, it shows that traders could gauge their emotion threshold, and this calls for traders to be sensitive, this sensitivity will help traders to know the emotional threshold, and that will make them take a rest before more damage is caused by the emotion.

    Thread link:
    Thread Author: Gulfstream
    Explanation: These threads are many, and they are all the threads at the section of legal aspect in trading. They are detailed threads that explained the legal environment of the financial market. Traders could use this to know their right and the path to take when there are discrepancies among them and their dealing company.

    CONCLUSION: Above all, all thread creators have tried, and i charge us all to try more and make this forum a better place. Thank you all.
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    I and Roboforex forum : The past 3 years has made it a rock solid relationship

    I, like every other trader started trading Forex with the view of making lot of money and lesser efforts. But the problem started when I started trading without much learning and this opened way to all losses. Still I was not interested in learning until I found this great Roboforex forum. Besides a lot of knowledge, information and useful articles it also have incentives for posting and runs a lot of contests. This boosted my interest in learning Forex and as I learned new things, new ideas, new strategies and developed a stable mindset with the help of Roboforex forum my trading changed all the way from worst to better.

    Large number of threads in this forum are very educative and informative. There are even many posts that I like which are written by many pro and rookies in the forum. Some registered members also have great work. I am listing down some of the thrads that I really like above the rest.

    1. How to be a forex farmer
    By Budado
    My views : This is a simple short thread but yet I find it motivating and interesting. Here our friend, budado compares himself with a farmer and how a farmer works patiently before he realizes the fruits of his efforts. Budado also mentioned his journey how he managed to grow his $50 to a $1000 account. Now with the help of his $1000 account he has a monthly target of $25. I think this highlights his good command over trading and his ability to protect from loss and retain his earning. overall an interesting thread to read.

    2. Mere increasing the lot size will not increase our profits
    By Propensity100

    My views : this is another short thread but the information it contains is very straightforward and realistic. Many traders in the Forex market just aim to have huge profits by taking more risk or by trading with big lots. But Our friend propensity100 explains it interestingly that earning huge profits with Forex is not as easy as increasing the lot size. Of course the bigger the lot size the bigger could be the profits but usually high risk leads to stop outs. propensity100 explains that our lot size sould be judged according to our strategy and risk management.

    3. Financial Market Regulators
    By Super Moderator Gulfstream

    My views: This is one of the most important threads in the forum for me written by our friend, Super Moderator Gulfstream. Here our Super moderator Gulfstream explains us about the participants in the Forex market and how they are regulated. Forex is a world wide market with a huge number of participants both big and small, So our Super moderator explains us that economically developed countries have authorities that have devised their set of rules and regulations to govern the working of the participants in the interest of investors. A broker licensed with such reulatory authorities is more reliable and credible.

    4. Reverse it ( Jump , Learn)
    By Super Moderator Gamer

    My views : This is really an interesting article written by our Super moderator. Gamer sir as he claimed at the opening of the thread. And for that matter all threads started by our Moderator Gamer are interesting and at the same time useful. And a word about Gamer sir too besides being the Super Moderator in this forum he is also a helping hand for all the members of the forum. Anyone needs help or have some doubts , He can get a quick and wise reply from his Moderator gamer.

    Of course there are many threads opened in the forum about Forex being a good business to earn profits. But what I find unique about this thread opened by our friend Gamer is that it contains these important points wrapped up in the most interesting thread to read. He explains how a person jumps into Forex trading with little learning and with the desire to make millions and solve all his financial problems. But when he faces some losses he realizes the truth of the Forex market and the need for careful learning.

    5. Support/Resistance Tunnel system
    By Super moderator Gamer

    My views : In this thread Gamer sir explains a good strategy with the use of support and resistance levels in a range bound market. In a range bound market after drawing the support and resistance lines we can look for candles forming outside these linkes to take appropriate buy or sell trades. this is of course a simple strategy but at the same time an effective one given by our super Moderator Gamer sir.

    6. Swing trading on currency market
    By Educator Valuetrader

    My views : The threads of our educator Valuetrader are like a treasure of knowledge in this forum and it would not be wrong even if I put all his threads one by one here. Threads started by our Educator Valuetrader are super knowledgeable and we usually need to read it 2-3 times so that we can absorb the idea and wisdom contained in any thread.

    In this thread our Educator Value trader explains us about swing trading and its approach. A swing trader lasts for 1-4 days and aims in capturing some particular momentum of the market. like taking advantage of an over bought or over sold market condition.I learned from this thread how swing traders may have to see prices playing with his entry prices for a day or two before actually breaking it in his favor.

    6. When physical condition drives your psychology
    By Educator Valuetrader

    My views : We all know that brain is very important to bring about success in our trading. in this thread our educator Valuetrader explains us about the factors that impacts the productivity of our brain. This is very useful thread for traders to keep their brain fir and productive while trading.

    Our friend Valuetrader explains us how the following three factors effect our brain.
    A. Dehydration: water is important for processing information by our brain
    B. Glucose level : Glucose is an important source of energy for our brain
    C. Sleep deprivation : Value trader explains us how deprivation of sleep can negatively effect a traders ability to perform well and also negatively effects his trading outcomes.
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    My Time and Journey with Robo forex Forum and Broker:

    I have been involved with robo forex forum, robo forex broker since a long term time, I have been completed more than three year's. I am very glad to say that forum member's and forum moderator's have done a great work in creating robo forex forum threads. Now member's are deserving the better and what they deserve in their life, Register,rookie, and pro membership target keeping everybody active with their threads, and thread creators are giving their best in forum threads. In my trading life I have learned a lot from the help of robo forex forum, its my teacher, family everything.

    I was a trader with no money and education three year's back but robo forex helped me a lot to understand the forex trading knowledge. Actually I am a trend follower lover,and so many people have a very good discussion about the trend following trading system, support and resistance, and so many trading strategies. They have also a best review about the trading psychology and so many other important psychological terms. Now I would like to share or discuss best threads of this forum with all of you.

    1.Thread Name: Smooth 28 ema/100 ema trading system
    Creator: Gamer Moderator

    Frankly speaking I like gamer sir, he is very accurate and a good forum teacher who can give you better idea of your trading by his simple thread description. I have used this strategy for a long time and I am a big fan of moving average 28 and 100 moving average trading strategy. The risk and reward we can get 1:2 from this strategy. Its simple and easy to understand about the strategy from this thread:

    2. Thread name: Simple Support and Resistance (Dynamic and Static) part 1
    Creator: Rinaji

    As we know that support and resistance is a very important topic to learn in forex market, it does no matter which kind of trader you are, you have to do a lot of study about the daily, weekly and monthly support and resistance points on your forex trading charts, Even intra day trader have to be careful with his or her entries. Trader can't ignore support and resistance. Rinaji is one of my favorite members and I like his threads.

    3. Thread Name: Swing trading on currency market
    Thread creator: Value Trader

    As I have told so many time that I have a good experience of support and resistance and swing so mostly I focus on these kinds of threads in this forum, so this is one of my favorite also, as we know that value trader have some special kind of knowledge about the market of this forex world, swing trading styles and explained perfectly by value trader in this thread.

    The next threads those I want to add are written by Gulfstream moderator, those are most important to understand, actually they are not related to any strategy of your trading they are related to your safety, they are related to education about the brokers, regulations of financial market, investor risks, etc. Lets discuss about them.

    1. Thread Name: Financial Market Regulators
    Creator: Gulfstream
    This is one of the very informative thread which can be find out on this forum, in real nobody or no broker would share this kind of information with anybody that's why I believe in robo forex and their honesty. This thread represent to the regulator's of the financial market. Those include US regulator, European Regulator's, Asia pacific regulator's, off share regulator's and so on. There are so many who don't know about the regulation and this is the thread from where they can get right information about this topic

    Thread Name: The investor risks
    Creator: Gulfstream

    2.There are a lot of trader's who invest their money every day in forex, but they aim of making is very wrong and negative in forex they want to make a lot of money in one single day of trading and want to become rich over one night, this is important to know for us that we are taking the risk of money to play in forex. We are not making money without any risk and there is no high return of money possible in forex in short term time. The lose of capital can be also seen in the account, this thread is very interesting, Gulfstream sir also discussed that we don't have to put all eggs in one single basket. There are so many more important lines in this thread which are important for member's.

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    Big congratulations to Roboforex forum on its achievements

    I have joined the forum over a year ago but was not active in this forum. However I have been actively participating in the contests and also won a prize once in the trade day contest. Now when i go through the forum I find that it has a lot of great achievements and is now so interesting place to learn about Forex.I feel this is an awesome place to share my experience and interact with other family members of the forum.

    Though I might have overlooked some threads i have hand picked the following 5 threads which fascinated me.

    1. Thread :Playing with the logic in trading
    Creator: Rinaji
    Link :

    I found this thread interesting because the thread creator gave an insight into her trading style. She narrated how she traders using fundamental analysis or technical analysis, Using monthly, weekly and daily and other charts. Using indicators or just trading the rumors. When i started reading the forum threads I found this thread to appeal me.

    2. Thread : Trade like a cheetah
    Creator : Shivanandfx
    Link :

    This thread interested me a lot while I was browsing the forum. This is a unique thread of its kind that I have never read anywhere in my life in any other forum or Forex website. The thread creator made a good correlation of how cheetah uses his hunting skills with patience and similarly how a Forex trader should use his trading skills with patience and then he can succeed.

    3. Thread : Patterns in market
    Creator : Roboforex Trader
    Link :

    This is also an interesting thread which I started to read then could not end without reading it full. Here the thread creator gave good views on market patterns. He described how there are various groups in he market employing their strategies and how money flows from one group to another. he also described about Obvious patterns, Hidden patterns and Temporary Patterns very well.

    4. Thread : Invest in Forex conservatively and not fearlessly
    Creator : PROPENSITY100
    Link :

    This is also an interesting thread that came across while I was browsing the forum. The thread creator gave a good explanation how investing money fearlessly or risking it fearlessly can be against the interests of a Forex trader. Here the importance of investing money conservatively in trading and following money and risk management is stressed.

    5. Thread : Does price reflect everything?
    Creator : Valuetrader
    Link :

    This is a very informative thrad started by value trader. He is the educator in this forum and obviously his threads also reflects it. His threads have huge meaning and It is going to take time for me to read all his threads and understand them. Here the thread starter says that price reflects everything but it take time for the market to effect it. A trader should always try to find value and this is what actually finding an opportunity is and benefiting our of it.

    Basis of evaluation : I was not an active member of the forum and I came back to this forum only today. So the above threads I mentioned is only a selection from the threads that I could read today in a matter of 6-7 hrs. So there is a lot more for me to read on and I can find many more useful threads in this forum and I am sure about it. But for the sake of this contest I have my selection above.
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    It is really wonderful to find another unique contest in RoboForex Forum on the occasion of it's Third Birthday. I want to congratulate this forum for it's success and popularity among forex traders and learners. Big thanks to admin, mods, super mods, educator, members of this forum and roboforex for bringing variety of contest for the forum members along with very much valuable contents.

    It is my pleasure to write here. I got many things from this forum including good knowledge about trading and handsome bonus for trading from my posting and contest wins. Today I'll let you know how did I get involved in this business and how I got benefited from this forum contents.

    I always look for making money from online ever since I was introduced to internet. I clicked thousands of advertising, did hours of captcha typing, took part in free lottery, invested in HYIPs and many other things I can't remember. One of the click on advertising bring me to the world of forex. It might be in the year of 2010. Without knowing too much I deposited my real money and started trading in forex without any trading experience on demo account. I lost all my money soon. But before I lose it all I found some of my trades gave me green pips which improved my equity.

    Later I invested again and again got little success and finally lost everything I had. I then knew this might not the right way to make money in forex trading. Fortunately I joined this forum on 17th of August 2013 and found some rich topics. I started to read and make some comment as well which I knew better.

    My first 2 years of trading experience made me fully scalper. I enjoyed it too. In some good days I made over 100%/200% profits. Some went very bad as I lost 2/3 real account with handsome money. On my chart I never used any indicator I traded only based on some forex news and price actions. So I tried to boost my knowledge about price action and fortunately forum Educator Value trader wrote a series on price action.


    Earlier I had some trading experience in stock market. But here I found what are real differences between stock market and Forex market. Here I also learnt about very important reference point of trading as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Value trader View Post
    Reference points:

    To spot «weak holders» activity, let’s think – what levels will be not interesting for big money buyers/sellers?
    They are – sessional highs/lows, previous days highs/lows.

    Part 2 gave me fair idea of different types of traders of forex market and how market builds or moves from their trading activities.

    Quote Originally Posted by Value trader View Post
    Institutional activity

    When we are talking about institutional activity, we are talking about strong holders.
    That guys have almost unlimited buying power at their disposal, but it doesn't mean that they want take money from you, they usually have large order from their clients. It not always means that they want to purchase from weak holder, squeeze them and hunt for their stops.


    The valuable content of Value trader made me interested about price action basics and I kept on reading. Price action basics part 3 and Does price reflect everything force me to think about it in different ways and different angles.

    Quote Originally Posted by Value trader View Post
    There are 2 basic types of price action if we look at it from "price-value" perspective.

    I will use the simpliest way to vizualize value on market - moving average. Of course, it's not that simple in reality, but it would be enough to show you how it works.

    1. Value is leading, price is following.

    For example, it occurs when value is lower. Market accepts lower prices and rejects higher prices, yet it has scanned higher prices for liquidity.

    You might notice that value is going sideways.

    In this case market has no reasons to immediately leave this value area. You may expect some rotation before something happens.

    2. Price is leading, value is following

    In this case you may notice, that price runs away from value, there's often a gap between price and value, and this is an indication of strong imbalance - sellers are in control and it's better to trade in sync with them.
    Quote Originally Posted by Value trader View Post
    So, we come to conclusion that, yes, price reflects everything but it needs some time to do that. On small timeframes price becomes advertising mechanism that fluctuates from high to low prices to attract buyers and sellers for whatever reasons.
    What does it mean that price is an “advertising mechanism»? It simply means that goal of the marketplace – to bring together buyers and sellers, to facilitate trading.

    Market works as an auctioneer. Imagine some auctioneer that tries to sell something to the public. What will he do? He will claim starting price and if no one is interested, he will claim lower price until any buyer is interested. That’s how market operates, nothing new about this.
    I kept on reading and found part 4 of price action basics justified his other thread mentioned above. I was introduced to few technical analytical tools too.


    Quote Originally Posted by Value trader View Post
    Technical analysis tells us that "price reflects everything".

    Is it right or not?

    In previous post I've shown moving average indicator as an example of how one can use price-value approach in trading.

    But this is just example, in reality, simple MA can't show you where value is.
    Reading became more interesting when moved to part 5 of price action basics. Here I come to know about market movement principal and logic behind it.


    Quote Originally Posted by Value trader View Post
    There are some important principles:

    1. Insitutional buyers will sell on the upside breakout (not downside)

    2. Low volatility after high volatility (directional breakout) shows lack of participation. The less liquidity (participation) we have near current levels, the more odds that market will auction higher.


    Now I am getting to know the risk of this business when just following the price of a pair. Value Trader's Do you know your risk helped me a lot to know the internal or external risks of forex trading. The more information I am getting about forex market the more I am entering into this business. And thought if I had learnt about it earlier then I would have not lost those money from my pocket.

    Here I have learnt why market move rapidly from steady state period. I had profound knowledge about the scene and its effects.


    Quote Originally Posted by Value trader View Post
    3 basic processes in the market: new money flow, liquidation and price discovery.
    Part 7 of the series is good enough to give me enough information about liquidity and its effect of the market.

    Quote Originally Posted by Value trader View Post
    The goal of the marketplace is not just to gather buyers and sellers and give them opportunity to trade, but to facilitate trading. What does it mean – to facilitate? It means that big market participants that mostly benefit from liquidity, will be interested in active trading from all types of traders. The more traders are involved, the better execution large speculator or commercial trader will have.

    I kept on trading in real account as well as on demo account and contest account. Made some money using scalping and won some contest as well. And every now and then I come very close to win many. But in few days I lost all my money. I went back to the place from where I started. And I gave myself sometime to think that my trading style or strategy is not good enough for making money or for surviving in the market. Then truly this thread motivated me a lot... And I found there is no wrong in my trade(scalping) the problem lies in my mind. If I can control it for long time I can be a successful trader.


    Quote Originally Posted by Value trader View Post
    I offer you different process that simply giving yourself a promise:

    Try keeping a psychological journal for a period of at least 3 months, and you’ll see that as your self-awareness increases, your market awareness also will increase – your understanding of the big picture will be significantly higher and your decisions will become much more effective

    Slowly but surely I have spent more than 5 years now in forex trading. I never thought to be a professional trader. But I found no alternative to it if I want to do this business. Now I am preparing myself for that. Now I want to translate my fewer success here and there to a bigger dimension. I want to get it in regular basis. And I came to know about professional traders principles from another Value traders wonderful thread.

    I just want to say:

    And I wish and hope that with in short time I'll be able to come out of my mistakes and put my step to be a professional trader with the help of this forum and Roboforex.

    The more time I'll spend here is good for me learning from others wonderful post. Looking forward to stay together. Good luck and very good wishes for you all. And I just want to say Big Thanks to you all who have read my message here. Have a nice day!
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    The results of the contest "The Guide to Forum"

    Contest winners*:
    1st place - 130$ - PROPENSITY100 per post
    2nd place -100$ - sharegistFX
    per post
    3rd place - 90$ - Hukam
    per post
    4th place - 70$ - forexlearner
    per post
    5th place - 60$ - nkhan2810
    per post
    6th place - 50$ - lawners1791
    per post
    7th place - 40$ - shivanandfx
    per post
    8th place - 30$ - forexfighter007
    per post
    9th place - 20$ - silverlady
    per post
    10th place - 10$ - MIGHTYRAMESH per post

    During the determination of the winners the board of moderators take into consideration such factors as:

    1. The quality of the left posts.
    2. Completeness of the description.
    3. Number of attachments.
    4. The number of the left "Thumbs up!".

    *Prizes will be credited in the form of forum bonuses.

    Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who participated in this contest!

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    Wonderful results indeed. Very big congratulations to all the winners of the contest. Really happy to see the name of sharegistFX and forexfighter007 in the list. I am more than happy with my 5th position in the contest. Good to find few regular contestants in the list as well. Many thanks to forum mods and members who read our posts and gave thumbs. Looking forward to many more contests.

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    A very warm congratulations to all who have booked a seat in the list , use the bonus wisely and make endless profit .
    really enjoyed to read your wishes for us, it's not just it's your love for us and it's never gonna stop

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    I am really happy to find a good place in the context. I also respect the great decision by the moderators and appreciate that the results are not determined solely on the number of thums up received. I have won the 7th place but the happiness I got is nothing less than winning the first place. Again a big thanks and respect to all the Moderators for their great work.

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    Wow I got the 1st place in the contest. I am awfully happy about this but I think the credit goes to the supportive nature of the Moderators and Admin of this forum and the great decision taken by them to determine the winners. I also give credit to the competing spirit of the members of the forum that motivated me to work well in the contest. I want to congratulate all the winners of the contest who have their great work and also those who have made a good effort but unfortunately could not win in the contest.

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