Contest "Happy birthday, Forum!"
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Thread: Contest "Happy birthday, Forum!"

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    Contest "Happy birthday, Forum!"

    We congratulate all users of the Forum with 3-th birthday of Roboforex forum!
    We hope that Forum has become a comfortable place for you, where you can share your trading experience and get valuable ideas from other forum members, as well as place for chat and communication with fellow traders.

    Traditionally, birthday would not be a birthday without small surprises and gifts.

    Every registered user on the forum is able to participate in contest "Happy birthday, Forum!"

    Terms of the contest:
    Contest is held between January 23 and February 23, 2016.
    Results will be announced – February 24, 2016.
    Prizes will be transferred - February 26, 2016.

    To participate, you need to create a post with congratulation in this thread. It can be either story or picture, postcard or poem or all together.
    Your creative work should somehow congratulate Roboforex forum. Council of moderators will choose 10 best posts and reward authors.
    Prizes will be given to 10 users (places from 1 to 10th). Winners will be defined upon results of voting. Anybody can vote for the thread by clicking "thumbs up" button in the lower right side of the post. Congratulation has to be unique - you have to create it yourself, not copy past from the web.

    1st place - 60 $
    2nd place -50 $
    3rd place - 40 $
    4th place - 35 $
    5th place - 30 $
    6th place - 25 $
    7th place - 20 $
    8th place - 15 $
    9th place - 15 $
    10th place - 10 $

    *Prizes are given in a form of forum bonuses.

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    Yes, I can remember the last contest like this one. Actually how can I forget it. It is also my birthday 23 of January. Last time I wrote a poem this time I'll try to do something else. Hope this contest will get much more contestants than previous time. And I really wish happy birthday to roboforex forum. Good wishes for all forum moderators, admin, educator all the members. We wish to see all together many more birthdays to come.

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    Roboforex forum is really one of the best forum i have ever worked with. Tthough i have not receive any bonus to my trading account due to my less activity on the forum but i have a lot of friends here who have worked with the forum for the past two years and they have receive bonus here through posting and taking part of contest, Roboforex forum is good and have helped traders a lot, so i really want to say a very big Happy birthday to the forum..

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    Lawners Makesup

    what’s good, brighten on the cement trader
    wide global finance trader

    finger swaying spry
    tender by the field
    till the little signals shows up
    with half a candy bar pips

    got that good sign in field fellows
    you earned it fellows
    etch your name in a tree
    hug your granny on her birthday

    think of the glimpse when they moving
    crawling dreams of tomatoes, gainsboro and the indigos

    the closest away place in a book
    scholar trace the new chess partners
    spring sprite in the ice
    Northern Lights fellows

    may your coming year surprise you with the happiness of smiles, the feeling of love and so on.
    i hope you will find plenty of sweet memories to cherish forever.
    Happy birthday RoboForex Forum
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    Very Knowledge.
    Happy birthday, RoboForex Forum!!!!

    Wow. Much Forex. So Monies. Very Opportunity.Many Trade. So Amazed. Wow.

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    You are the best!!!
    3th years of success,more the 3 years you work for your clients.
    You make forex trading from difficulty becomes very easy,

    Hopefully this birthday is the best day
    and the best year for you - Roboforex forum !!!
    You always the best forever.

    Wish Roboforex forum get your luck,more success,many profits,more nice clients,projects,bright ideas,and stay as friendly as you always are.

    Elit Rizal Falah

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    Birthday of Roboforex forum - Time to celebrate- Opportunity to express our feelings about the forum Yes it is not the time to remain silence but it is the time to celebrate for the members of Roboforex forum. It is the 3rd birthday of the reputed ROBOFOREX FORUM. Lets all leave no stone unturned to enjoy this great occasion to the fullest. Also let us not stay back in expressing our feelings, our passion our gratitude and our reverence for the forum. I would like to write the following poem in an effort to put my feelings for the forum in words


    Happy Birthday Roboforex forum
    A precious occasion to celebrate and be happy
    I want to say a lot more than Just Happy birthday
    and nothing is going to stop me today

    I have great respect for a teacher
    and I have love for my friend
    You are my teacher and my friend
    My respect and love for you are ineffable to be described.

    Its time to applaud your achievement, dear Roboforx forum.
    You have illuminated the lives of many traders.
    Giving them wisdom and knowledge without any discrimination.
    Your creativity knows no bounds, we find all we need in you.

    A good friend is rare to be found but I have one,
    That one is you above the rest.
    Who asks for nothing and yet offers everything
    I say aloud happy birthday to you with one wish in my heart
    Our relation shall stand unaffected by time.

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    Good Day folks. I am feeling very honored to be a part of this forum and i am even feeling even more proud as my first post is being dedicated for the birthday of this great forum. I am so glad that i will be able to show my gratitude towards this great forum.

    On the eve of the roboforum's Bday, i would like to share what i have in my heart for this forum. From my experience with roboforex and roboforum, I would like to tell you guys why i am in deep love with this community. So for that, my topic for congratulating is:
    Roboforex & Roboforum - Our Guardian to Forex Success.

    Early Days with Roboforex and Forum

    Every guardian wants his pupil to be successful, so as roboforex. Just like our parents, roboforum has given us the care and love that a child requires in his early days. It has given us the useful knowledge and taught us the value of learning. It taught us the ABCD of forex business, and the credit of roboforex is just enormous which we can't express in words.

    Roboforum - Caretaker for newbies

    Learning Days with Roboforum & Roboforex

    When a baby just starts speaking, Its parents also feels happy. Just like Roboforex and Roboforum our two guardian had helped us in each step of our learning period due to which we are feeling the pride after attaining all the necessary knowledge. For that, all my share goes to Robo group. It gave us the tool for learning, and that tool is the best way that everyone can become familiar with forex.

    RoboForum - Enjoy while Learning

    Roboforum Community -The best place for interaction with other traders

    We all keep on searching for a place where we can start learning about forex. But not everyone can find the platform for learning. I am feeling very lucky that the roboforum has given us the place where we can interact with many other traders and can share our own stories and even learn from others" mistakes also. Which makes it best place for learning and improving skills. For that also i want to say a big thanks to the roboforex and robofrum.

    Roboforum - Let's grow together

    Do you like bonuses? roboforex and Roboforum strives to give you suprises

    Bonuses are the vital attraction of it. Roboforum and Roboforex is providing such a huge bonuses which we can never get from anywhere else. This makes it very promising for those who likes bonuses, here you should be ready to get huge suprises with bonuses.

    Roboforum - Boxes of surprises and excitement

    We are all thankful to the Roboforex as well as Roboforum
    We all are very happy that we have been given the platform where we can make our own virtual community. forex community, robo community the best community of traders. it gives us the key to the extreme peaks of success which most people strives for. We are very thankful for giving us such a beneficial platform.
    Roboforum - Thanks for providing such a great community

    Happy Birthday RoboForum
    Let me dedicate this short Poem for showing our affection-

    It's your birthday, we all raise a cheer
    we would never be here without your care,
    whenever we feel we are all alone
    You helped everytime telling "I am always here".

    I tell you today, you are like my Mother
    Never got the love and care from any other,
    On your B'day i would like to wish to god
    You are my best gift, just be with us for 100s of year.

    Hey lord, I hope All people can see
    How much this forum Means to me,
    I never thought i would be a part of it,
    thank you lord, to bless me in this Robo family.

    Many Many Happy returns of this Day - Happy B'day RoboForum

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    birth 3.PNG

    You are celebrating your 3rd birthday now,


    But, this joy would not complete without telling you "THANK YOU"
    for all you have done for me,


    I had learned through you,

    birthday 1.jpg

    and you have been a blessing to me.
    birth 2.PNG

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    Happy birthday Roboforex's Forum

    It is a great time for all the members of the forum for it is the 3rd birthday of our beloved forum. Happiness is in the air and its the time for us to celebrate wildly. I am not a poet but yet i have attempted a small poem in honor of this graceful occasion.

    With all the love and respect, My heart can give,
    I want to wish you a very happy birthday.
    With all the joy and success that a year can hold,
    I wish you complete another year with the best and you deserve.

    Your presence is the feeling of joy and happiness
    you are the sea of knowledge, let us quench our thirst for knowledge
    you are the motivation for us to correct our flaws
    You are the encouragement for us to become better.

    This birthday marks the completion of 3rd successful year
    Every day is precious and every day is useful for us
    Give us the inspiration to work hard and work well.
    I know in my mind and have full faith in my heart
    there is just another glorious year ahead.

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