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    This is really good to see one more robo forex forum birthday,
    First of all I want to say a very happy birthday to Robo forex forum community,
    I have learned a lot about so many trading strategies, and the role of discipline in my life from the help of you,
    I have gained a good success in my life with the help of you,
    I have seen a good forex teacher in you, you are my best forex teacher,
    You are always here for your member's, and your are the part of our family,
    Trader's are developing themselves with robo forex forum and we all are very
    very thankful to you for the help, you deserve a lot than my words, but right
    now I have only these words for you my lovely friend.

    "I Love You Robo Forex forum Wish you a great Happy Birthday"

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    â–‘Hâ–‘Aâ–‘Pâ–‘Pâ–‘Yâ– ‘
    (¯”•.¸*♥♥♥* ¸.•”¯)
    â–‘Bâ–‘Iâ–‘Râ–‘Tâ–‘Hâ– ‘Dâ–‘Aâ–‘Yâ–‘ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♫ ♪♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ♫♪♪♫•*¨*•. ¸Â¸â™«â™ª
    Happy Special Birthday To ROBOFOREX FORUM, MY FORUM!!

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    Wow.. Now you are in your third Birthday my dear friend Robo Forex Forum. That's great,
    I have been working in this forum since two year's and I have a clear idea that how much benefits

    I have gotten so far from the robo forex forum, Robo forex forum taught to play with discipline, patience,
    proper controlled psychology, proper planning, etc. All Credit goes to robo forex admin, mod, and all those

    people who are working behind the scene. This is the completion of third superb year, With all the love,
    respect, heart I want to wish you a great

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend, Its your day today so Enjoy the Time, Happy Birthday Robo forex forum Once again.

    happy-birthday robo.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan1911 View Post
    I tell you today, you are like my Mother
    I liked your work and was prepared to give you a thums up, but the above line prevented me from doing so. I did not like the idea of comparing something to your mother. Mother has its unique place and respect in the entire world and for me nothing can even stand near to her place and leave alone of equaling her. I am hats off to the people who work behind the screen and have created this great forum . I applaud the achievements of this forum and also the way it helps all its members but still it cannot be compared with our Mother.

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    awesome going on, need to see some more participants

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    This is my pleasure to say Happy Birthday Robo Forex Forum, Now I have been involved more than three year's with you, You are brighting and growing day by day. There was a time when there were less member's and less activity but now time changed totally,

    Robo forex forum is number one online forex trading education community in the world, and today is a wonderful instance for us because we are celebrating the third birthday of robo forex forum. Its just the beginning and the inception of success, I am sure that more success is waiting for robo forex broker and community.

    And one day we all will be on top, May Gold bless to robo forex forum community and its member's along with it this is my special gift for robo forex forum birthday a birthday greeting card.


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    anyone has something more to say about , need to watch some

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    Today is your special birthday,
    I have three big wishes for you,
    I wish you peace, joy and love,
    All day and all year through.
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    here comes one of my favorite actor, good demonstration, but one thing why he never wins the ocsar

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    The 3rd Birthday of Roboforex forum which I longed for impatiently has finally come.

    Well it is again celebration time for the members of this mighty and great forum. Roboforex and Roboforex forum has in praise great achievement and complements from the traders. What Roboforex achieved may be viewed as a big success by other brokers, But I am certain that this success is not enough for the great work of the people who run this great company. I wish the future has bigger achievements and success in store for this great company and forum.

    In the occasion of your birthday I wish you a happy birthday, dear Roboforex forum and forward this lovely poem, which took me several hours to write, in your majesty

    My head bowed deep in reverence
    and my heart spoke aloud
    Had it not been your helping hand
    My life would have burnt in trading land

    I was gambling you thought me logic
    I was a wavering trader, trading only to fall
    I was going wrong and you showed me the right direction
    I was trading naked you thought me strategies.

    On the special moments of your birthday
    As every member here is in celebration mood
    I wish You happy birthday and a whole lot of success and fortune
    To come your way today and forever.

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