Forex can be risky if we do not trade with analysis.
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Thread: Forex can be risky if we do not trade with analysis.

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    Forex can be risky if we do not trade with analysis.

    Some of traders leave Forex Because they do not trade with analysis and they loss their all money. That's way they feel tension and mental pressure. So Forex can be risky for anyone if anyone do not get education before invest or trade without analysis.

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    you right sir, we must be able to analyze before trading, because the analysis is the most crucial in the success of a trader, not all traders can analyze, because it is going to take an understanding of the strategies used, if not understand the correct way to analyze better learning strategies first

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    Usually newbie face risk problem because they are not use to analysis daily. and it is difficult to get profit for new traders. If we do not want our trade risky then they we should analysis fundamentally and technically and practice our analysis in demo account then we can control risk. And we will understand the concept of loss and profit and Our Bad impact of analysis.

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    There is no way you will know the right market direction if your trading analysis is not intact. It is the trading analysis that is helping the most traders to get the right ways in the market, if this is not in the right shape, you can not know the direction, talk less of knowing where you will trade to per time.

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    Atif, Of course forex is totally risky business because every business is have risk , Not excepting this business, forex business is a high risk as well as high reward investment business, so when we trade dont just expect of the potential high profits but we must also consider the potential the risk of loss that we can achieved, so we must only trade on money that we can only afford to lose of our money.

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    True, forex is not an easy trade to make us benefit without first analysis, although we never get the benefit without the analysis, it is only as a good luck alone. Therefore we recommended to always hone our analytical skills in order to get a better profit in forex trading.

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    forex is the risky business we have to need take it serious and by the forex trade most of the new trader loss money and i think by the loss money you will be know what is forex trade most of the new trader do not follow rules and regulation and they want to make money by the short time and i think this is not correct

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    risk always exist on every trader of trader but if we use proper money management risk management techniques then we able to reduce the risk rate.but we cant completely remove the risk factor from trading.more strong analysis mean more chances for us to earn safe and good profit from forex market.

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    Yes. Really agree with you. I had trading forex with no knowledge and correct of analysis in the past. I lose and lose all the margin. I've been MC, two or three times I forget. It is true that we should understand how forex works. Besides, we must understand how we are as traders.

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    I am agree with your point forex can be risky without any analysis so according to me market analysis is very necessary before starting any trade in the market as we know that less knowledge and experience could be danger for any kind of trader in this business so its very necessary to analyze the market well and we should always do much hard work here

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