We may get good profit because of Our Greed.
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Thread: We may get good profit because of Our Greed.

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    We may get good profit because of Our Greed.

    Sometime we get good profit because we invest with greed it is not happen every time but sometime we get good opportunity and we invest with greed to get profit. So Greed is not so bad for traders.

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    by the skill we can make profit and i think if you have sufficient skill on the forex trade then you will be make money by the doing forex trade by the forex trade make money easy just need skill and this is the most important for the all and by the doing forex trade you can make money which is the best for you

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    May be Greed can not be good for Forex trading but usually we get good profit with skill and we feel greed during trade because we know we have good skill but we should remember that it is a lot of chance that we will get just loss because of greed. Because sometime market look easy but it can be change trend direction and we will get loss because of greed. So we should try to ignore greed in our strategy then we will be successful.

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    It is the good fact of greediness that traders does not want to think about. Although, it is not good to be greedy, but as the greed has sits own disadvantage, it has its own advantages as well. It may be very good to the traders that always trades the trend of the market, it will only take some times to see the effect.

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    I think greed is very bad in Forex market because with greed no one can gain success in Forex market. I think greed is most important part for success in Forex market. So try to control greed ans get lot of good skills on trading for success in Forex business other wise so difficult to earn profit in Forex market.

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    Yes, sometimes it can happen. Greed can indeed make a profit for us, if we are already very proficient in forex trading, and even then still depends on the strength of the margin that we have. Many forex traders are greedy but they are not concerned with the power of their margins, so it's very easy to get stop out.

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    no doubt we can earn good profit from greed but not every time.it work only in very few cases but most commonly we only face losses thats why trader need to control his greed and avoid over trade cause greed force us to trade with big lot under high risk which can kills the trader trading account as well.

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    traderx, Yes undoubtedly greed lead to loss not for good profit because when we are trade to earn some money and trade again again and try to earn each cent for more and more from the forex market it become greed trading, so this will lead to loss more than our earn of profit

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    Greed has absolutely no place in forex trading. Nobody can succeed by greed because whatever profit that you make through greed will still be lost through your greediness. The best way to succeed in forex trading is to depend on knowledge and learning.

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    Greed is the problem, could be a long debate. But I'll try to straighten out a bit. About what I caught from this discussion is, when someone has already said in a forex expert, may be the occasional greedy. In the sense, that it knows when to and when not to be greedy. Of course the ultimate goal is to increase the profits. This certainly should not be performing by beginners, because to be able to do this method, must had previous experience.

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