Can we get 50 pip profit daily?
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Thread: Can we get 50 pip profit daily?

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    Can we get 50 pip profit daily?

    when, i practiced in demo account then i got 50 pips profit. And i though that we can get 50pips profit. And we can increase our amount rapidly. So it is not greed it is strategy. Do you think we can get 50pips profit daily or did you also get 50pips daily.

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    I think it might be, depending on your strategy, if your strategy is trading long, and in the use of the currency move very fast, such as EUR / JPY or trade gold, but if used in pairs EUR / USD I suppose to get 50 pips a day would be difficult

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    It can be difficult in real account to get 50 pip profit daily. But it look simple in demo account. It is right to good profit in fast moving currency like EUR/JPY or GBP/JPY. But we need good experience to get 50pip daily so we should just set daily 20 to 30pip and we should practice a lot in demo account to become experience traders.

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    yes we can get 50 pis per day but this have to need skill by the skill you can make this and also need good bonus or money by the both we can make 50 pips per day and i think if you want to make money by the forex trade then you have to need money skill and experienced all

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    Yes we can not get 50pips per day without skill and technique. So it take time to make some good technique and skill that's way we should just practice in demo account and try to get 50pip per after some experience we will be able to trade in real account. Beginner should not try to get 50pips per day in real account they should try in demo account.

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    To get that amount everyday is not a problem to me, but i can not guaranty that it will certainly be all days of the week. This is because there are days that i will not gain at all, i might even lose to the market, nothing is perfect , and no forex trader ca be perfect at the same time. I ma just a trader, but the 50 pips is still withing reach.

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    If you have enough knowledge about Forex, good experience, properly use good strategy, control emotions, control greed, follow money management, follow risk management and try to follow trade in news on trading than you must be success and get 50 pips profit daily in Forex market other wise so difficult to get profit in Forex market.

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    Of course they can, even some expert forex trader can make a profit around hundreds of pips per day. It really depends on the trading system we created, if the system we have is very accurate, we can get a daily profit 50 pips, depending on our trading ability.

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    Making 50 pips is not difficult on a volatile trading day. But not everyday is the same so it may not be possible to keep making that type of profit everyday. And it is not too good an idea to keep that daily target because you might eventually get into trouble trying to make that everyday.

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    50 pips a day? that means 1000 pips a month. You may earn 50 pips but not every day. I do not believe there are traders who can get 1000 pips per month even though they chose on high volatile pair such as gbp/jpy or eur/jpy. The greater profit targets per trade then greater the risk.

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