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Thread: Do you prefer to follow the footsteps of Others or Make your own way to success?

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    That's great madam, you can work with your own trading system but path would not be very easy to become successful with your trading system and make sure that you have a proper correction, evaluation, and planning for your trading system. You should test your trading system with lower risk trading at first and according to experience you can add more money in your trading account. By this way you can increase both experience and money in forex.

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    Yes in the beginning you can follow the footsteps of others I did this because in the beginning where you have a limited experience about this trade you need to follow the footsteps of others because if you follow your own step you will fail in trading but you should also learn to trade forex don't depend on those footsteps. Work on your own system.

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    It will be better that we follow the steps of the successful trader, that is the best way to becoming successful, in the sense that you will get to learn from them, and not only that, but then at the same the mistakes which they have made, you will not repeat it as you have been able to learn from them.

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    When i was new in this business, i was losing my capital on a daily basis, and so i joined a forex club in my area, it consist of some young traders who always come together daily to carry out market analysis and trade, so i was following their foot step while they were still coming together, but now, i think that i have grown to a level in which i know i can be on my own, so i do not need to follow anyone's step again.

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    Well, the choice is ours, in the sense that we can choose to follow other traders or at the same time, we can also decide if we would want to walk by our selves, but then to me, think if we have a successful trader that trades the same way we like, we can follow their steps and learn much more faster with little mistakes.

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    Everyone has their own strategy, Do not follow footsteps of other, But You must observe other strategy so that you will pick good point from their trading style, But you need to make own trading style for success, Because mostly traders trade with technical concept and everyone has different style to use technical tool, We can not follow them, So practice in demo for own style, It help in future to get profit our self, So do not follow other, Our own style will give us success, Because we learn from win or loss, It secure our future for trade.

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    Actually ,there is no one a reservoir of knowledge, whatever is our level in trading in the forex market we need to be listening and watch others , we should have a mentor and this will establish us the more in the business.learning never end in life but knowledge deepened.

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    i prefer to make make my own of trading because it is better for me and for my trading ,but it is not a problem if we can benefit from the experience of the others that help us to improve our trading and make more money, we can benefit from them in the way they analyze the market to know how to analyze the market properly and where to set a good trades to be able to get good results from the market.

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    I have being reading so many trader's about it and they also believe that we should use our own trading analysis and strategy in forex. Following other could be a good thing but it should be only limited we should only adopt and learn the good things from other forex trader's. We don't have to rely on other trader's signals we have to learn by ourself here in forex.

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    if you are referring to use other people's signals then no, I like making my own decisions so as to be able to learn from my mistakes if anything goes wrong. When you make a loss while using someones signal then you will have only yourself to blame and you will never grow professionally as a trader

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