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    EUR / AUD's Chart Weekly is predominantly bearish, as indicated by the Bearish Engulfing last week. There is a Head and Shoulders pattern on H4 which gives a chance to sell. In general, this week's EUR / AUD price movement is dominated by bearish, as seen from the formation of Bearish Engulfing. In Daily, prices are trying to continue bearish, while in H4 there are Head and Shoulders patterns that are waiting for a breakdown support

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    The movement of the bullish ditime daily frame is blocked at the strong resistance level, and the rejection reaction from the area looks quite strong.
    The pinbar pinbar pattern that appears can also be assumed if the selling interest in the water is quite large, where the potential for price to move back is very open.

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    If the EUR / AUD movement is observed, the H1 time frame is in bullish condition ..
    At the moment the price has been able to breakout valid above the strong resistance of 1.6394 and even the resistance above 1.6415 ...
    If there is a bearish signal from the candlestick pattern then there is a possibility to open a SELL position ..
    Where, if the price experiences rejection it will move down towards the pivot range of 1.6360 ..
    Beware of prices entering the OVERBOUGHT area ...

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    h4 ditime frame looks unable to form a new peak higher, to indicate that buying interest is still quite large.
    The time frame also shows indications of a double top pattern, and this can be confirmed valid if the price managed to break out from the closest support level.
    OBOS indicator also shows that buying interest in this water is already saturated, while for selling interest it is even greater.

    Conclusion: from the analysis approach in both time frames the bearish potential is greater than bullish, therefore sell options for price movements for the next week are recommended.

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    The movement of the price in h4 tf will form an ABC pattern, there may be a limited upward movement in the area of 1.63740 before plunging recommendations on sell limits in the area of 1.63700 / 90 with targets of 1.61360 and risk SL in the 1.64000 area

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    Alligator (13,8,5): FLAT
    Stochastic (13,2,3): BULLISH
    MacD (12,26,9): FLAT
    SMA (200): BULLISH

    Analysis: For now the movement towards the BULLISH MEDIUM is visible

    Conclusion: BUY

    Thank you, still use good money management

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    EUR/AUD on the daily chart entered the wave of corrective ascent after he managed to Break the horizontal support on the 1.6265 as well as the upward trend line with the candle closing day below this level.So staying at the lowest prices will keep the pair under pressure to continue landing to target the following support
    At the prices of 1.6165 which are suitable for speculative purchase of them and of the second support on 1.6065 .If they are targeted in the coming days.

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    SELL from zone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamer View Post
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    The analysis at the 4H time Frame:

    it's seem looks alike a very good bearish here . the market just retracement from its supply zone and market start breaching fibo levels as we can see it clearly , further already Stohastic going in same . so what we should expect now , a sell position.
    Yes. it is.

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