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    the EUR/AUD formed on the 4hours time frame a reversal HEAD & SHOULDERS pattern after getting pushed down by the resistance level 1.615298 the pair already break the neckline a done a little retest on the 1hour time frame and the current 4hour candle close under the support area 1.605876-1.598141 , i see that we going to have a downward movement targeting the the uptrend and then support area 1.57937-1.577053

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    Looking at the analysis of Ichimoku on 4 hour time frame, and 200SMA on daily chart below, my candid advice to traders on EURAUD is mix, it is now better to show some retrains in trading this pair at this point in time. The two shows different signals, and it is wrong for trading. This is the kind of situation whereby traders will enter buy, and immediately the market will be selling because the decision of the market on time frame and trading strategy are different...

    euraud 1.jpg

    euraud 2.jpg

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    pair: euraud
    time frame: 1 hour
    market trend: up
    strategy: pin bar indicator: moving average and stochastic

    euraud is in fully uptrend in the 1-hour time frame, coz eur is losing it a big market value in the last two months and now eur is looking strong by fundamental analyses. now the stochastic and moving average also giving us a good signal to enter the market as a buyer.


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    [lang=ar]EUR / AUD pair and my expectations for it with the opening of the markets on Monday.

    The pair is oscillating on the four-hour frame since several days. So I expect volatility to continue in the early days of next week, God willing
    The rally may be corrective to test the strong supply areas at 1.5840 prices, which is compatible with the very strong Vaibo 61 .. I do not prefer entering into long positions. Only sell positions with a commitment to setting the highest position of the strong Vaibo 61. Because if breached the pair will rise and stay strong


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    The pair analyzed against the Australian currency on 23/07/2018
    On the 4-hour frame, the pair has achieved a model of the harmonic pattern successfully as shown in the chart while at the same time touching the specified resistance area in blue and drawing a candle between the reversal bar and descending and not exceeding the resistance area
    So I think the pair is on sale especially as I expect the euro to weaken this week due to the negative news that will be released this week[/COLOR][/SIZE]


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    [lang=ar]My analysis on the EURUSD

    The price of being a very strong display area on the daily Frim (the area shaded in lemon color) as shown in the chart below .. And from there the price fell respectfully
    For this region. The pair is expected to continue down to the 23-day Fibonacci at 1.5600. There will be a decision for the euro. But to collapse more, but to resist the landing and regain the climb again .. Let us follow the pair today and tomorrow. Perhaps in the next week's look, God willing, we see a return of the bullish path on the pair if Vipo 23 is respected and not closed below.


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    [lang=ar]ERU / AUD The pair is trading up and down in the same area and a conflict between buyers and sellers has made the movement so far unclear especially on the four-hour frame but on the last frame of the hour trying to reach the area at 1.56200 and 1.56800, which is expected to The Harmonic bat model is completed so we wait for it to reach it and buy towards its targets 1.57400, 1.57700 and 1.58300.


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    Although, the EURAUD had rose for like 4 months now, i think that it is time for traders to experience a massive pullback on the pair, and i think that it will not be lesser than 300 pips pullback. You can see on my chart above how the market was able to penetrate the market price through the trendline diagrams. This is coupled by the present nature of the price action on the daily chart. This makes my bias on EURAUD to be bearish at this point in time.

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    well i am watching eurusd is short term bearish how ever market is strong on resistance and came back on resistance on d1 chart how ever this is the rule that resistance become support and here this is result it it break then it will become support else market is quit bearish :)

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    I make trading decisions my analyzing support / resistance levels, stochastic oscillators, and a few moving average curves. There was a great decrease of the rate during this week, particularly, on Tuesday and Thursday. It is rather possible than a travel down will continue (depends on news from eurozone).


    I still keep to sell orders with take-profits at ~1.56 and ~1.57. If the trend suddenly reverses, I will close them manually fixing a smaller profit.

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