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Thread: Let`s make analysis for these charts

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    Let`s make analysis for these charts

    I remember when we were interested in commenting on the charts and giving our opinion about the live market by putting current picture of the current market
    this can help us to be active with the market and willing to be more able to choose best positions of the trading
    i hope all of us to think of the matter and retype on the charts and making the analyzing of the market

    this will get us very close to all the good chances in the market and we may find that we are in a nee to read other posts about the market analyzing every hour .
    also about the effect of the news on the market this may get us very stuck to the reals of the
    market every day
    hope to share me the idea

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    for eurusd I think the movement tends to be upward, because the market has penetrated demand, the market is also in the supply area and it's very good position to buy, but still use sl because we don't know what the market trip will be,

    Your thread is very good, so we can share information to get mutual benefits

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