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    thank you so much for these information that everyone trader can benefit from it and i think that the financial commission organization is very important to everyone that we can trade safety with brokers regulated by this organization and also there is many organization like FCA

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    i think before we sing in any broker we should do a research about it and check others opinions , Unfortunately, brokers do not provide their clients with tools that confirm the execution quality of orders

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    it is good to find organization that can regulate the relationship between the trader and broker and this will protect the trader from cheating of bad companies, this company can help the trader that complain from the brokers registered with it and so if the trader has a right then this organization can help him to get his rights and protect him from cheating.

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    thanks for these informations and this explanation that let us to know the goal of working of the organization and i think that when the broker become under regulation will be more trusted and the trader can trade with these brokers safely, but i want to know if the broker cheat their clients can this organization return the rights to the clients or will not do anything.

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    It is very good and informative for trader and also introducing broker in any country , because when a new investor invest his money first of all he does not know the broker and he is not understand if any disputed arises how to handle because may be there is difference in countries so that kind of institution make our trade secure and our investment as well so we do our best work to maintain our career in this market because we are fully focused on trading and our concern about security will be solved very much .

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    Any company that profits from here benefits us from the difference between the people who buy or sell the market, for example, if a rate of five rupees It's five dollars, and it will get you kids when you're baby and what's going to be the same, and the same thing as well as the companies we sell and sell. The difference between the difference is the company benefits

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    Firstly i want to commend your effort in sharing this informative post with us so as know how the financial commission works and i also commend the financial commissions themselves but i still want improvement to secure us from fraudulent brokers that are still existing in the field to ripe us off of our money.I would be happy have this done.

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    Traders must be aware of the regulations fact associated with this global platform of forex. In the middle of deception carried out by forex broker, a trader can feel many insecurity aspects; even a foreign currency exchange trader can even lose his whole trading account at the blink of his eyes when he works with non regulated broker. And thereby a trader should try to choose broker which is convincing and experienced.

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