To my mind, forums are great place for building communications with other traders. Just as other professionals, traders need to be able to share their thoughts and discuss new ideas. Since retail traders often trade independently from home, they need a solution to deal with such "isolation". Forex trading forums could be used to create communities where traders would help each other to improve the performance and find new approaches to traders. Thus, forums could be useful both for professional traders and newbie ones. Sometimes posting on forums is the only way for some traders to speak with someone also interested in trading. Such non-formal international trading communities created by traders from all over the world are the great sources of information. Professional traders use them to share their experience and newbie traders use them to ask questions on various trading issues they are interested in. The most popular topics of such conversations often cover such trading aspects as trading systems and strategies, indicators and other technical elements, basic concepts of fundamental analysis, and of course, trading psychology.