Hello all, maybe this is good choice for me to following special contest on the end of year at roboforex forum.

I start trading forex in early 2013 after an adventure in a variety of online business such as PTC, PPC, HYIP, and also a variety of other online business. Until in the end I prefer to be serious in forex trading after I saw a lot of people who live in the world of online forex trading.

After that I tried to join the forex forum for learning forex, until finally I met with the broker roboforex which also provides a forum to learn forex, and finally I still exist with this broker until now :)

It seems Roboforex broker is one best broker for me, because the broker has given me a lot of support and also has many programs and also various bonuses, like a daily demo contest, weekly, and monthly, I hope Roboforex also give a daily demo contest that running every day xixixi :D
Nevertheless, I say thank you and look forward to growing this broker :)

My Trading Strategy
Actually I am still a beginner in forex trading because I still do a lot of experiments and until now I am still looking for a suitable strategy for me, that is why I am still often changed strategy to find that fit with me.

Trading strategy which I still use to this day that is technical strategy. I rarely use the news analysis or fundamental analysis in forex trading, but if I want to use news analysis then I would use the "News Section" menu contained in the trading platform and also the news analysis that I get from my email.

When iam using technical strategy, I used to do the analysis of the market when the market is doing breakout or moving sideway. If the market price does not penetrate the price of previous support or resistance, then usually that's where I opened the order. This method is not very accurate, often a false signals, so this strategy is still in development :)

Regarding my profit target in forex trading, I do not make provision profits in forex trading, but I used a moment close order based on an analysis of trading that I use. Which is a weakness in this method is that when the market moves are not in accordance with what we expect, this condition usually causes mch�Ving cutloss order to minimize the risk of trading.

My Money Management
In forex trading one very important factor is the management of money, without having a strong money management so we can have a major defeat in forex trading even though we have an accurate strategy. When trading I used to use a maximum of about 5% margin of the entire margin that I use, it is very useful to avoid a margin call and stop out when trading forex.

I actually had a lot of use of a variety of trading strategies, and issue accurate or not, it does not seem to be a problem for me. But during my forex trading from the beginning until now, one thing that is still difficult for me to control that trading psychology. Many factors that influence me to have difficulty in controlling the psychology of trading until today, such as social environment, home environment, surroundings, my condition at that time, my mental, other problems, so it was also one of the factors that caused me to lose in forex trading :D

I hope you also learn to control the psychology of trading in forex trading so you can make better decisions in forex trading :)