Forex can have bad properties on you?
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Thread: Forex can have bad properties on you?

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    Post Forex can have bad properties on you?

    What do you think forex can have bad properties on you by spending a lot of time on your computer instead of spending with your family?

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    Well dear for me it is the best ever business in which earning money has no ends but if we break trading rules and use more and more risk in our trades then forex will surely harm us in forex trading market and we will face more and more loss in forex market so we must be perfect if we want to earn money.

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    Yes, indeed these days I spend a lot of time in front of computers for learning forex. But I did it so I could increase the ability of forex trading. While learning forex is not easy as we imagine, we need to learn all the time, studying the charts, and also test our strategy over and over again to get good results.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fx worrior View Post
    What do you think forex can have bad properties on you by spending a lot of time on your computer instead of spending with your family?
    Yes i think if you will not manage the risk in the trading then you will not make any profit in the trading and lost the money in the trading so then the forex trading is bad result on you trading so i think if you not trading well then it have bad effect on the trading.

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    It is certainly very true, since the forex market is a 24hour market. The forex market can be addictive to some traders who spend almost all their time in front of their computer trying to trade throughout the whole day and it is not neccesary for traders to do so

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    that is true Forex trading may effect negatively on your life .you may not have enough time of sleeping and you may some problems with setting for along time with your computer .i think it is necessary to have a plane id order to mange your time to live your life without any problems .

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    Forex is one of best earning source, and we do work at office or do business to make money.
    So take it as a profession and maintain your profession and personal life. Their is no need to spend 24 hour in Forex as if you have proper knowledge then you can make money by trading prepositionally SO learn first and then trade for making good profit by spending some time in Forex and rest of your time spend with family.

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    Forex does not have any bad property, we can do this business any where and any time but hard work is key here. Lack of hard work and practice will surely gives harm to us and we will never able to become a good forex trader so it is only for experienced and sensible forex traders.

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    A trading career not properly managedwwould definatly have a negative impact on both our physical state as regards to our social wellbeing and also our mental state on how we interpret issues. Its very vital you have control over your trading apatite so as not to get carried away because trading can be very additive.

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    Forex is the business which have much money and any person can do this business but it needs much hard work and practice by the forex trader every time . It gives us money but we must be a good trader otherwise we will get loss again and again.

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