Forex its not for lazy people
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Thread: Forex its not for lazy people

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    I think that lazy persons cannot be successful at forex trading without hard effort and hard work you cannot make consistent profit.Do you agree?

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    Certainly that is the case in every other business or work. A lazy person will find it very difficult to make success in forex trading because a lot of work has to be done to learn all that a trader needs to know. Anybody who wants to succeed in forex trading must be ready to work hard.

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    Yes dear forex is not for lazy person. It is the risky business and the market is moves very fast so we must be active in this business if we want to earn more money and did not missed a single setup so a trader must be active and should do trade according to plans and rules all the time.

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    Yes, the idler is unlikely to succeed in forex trading, unless they're lucky. Because we need to fight hard enough, and we will also get a variety of internal and external pressures. We will definitely feel the pressure of the weight when we already have a strong determination to want to be a forex trader, which many forex traders fail because it is not robust to various pressures.

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    Forex trading market is for the active people, you will miss many things by been lazy, this is why i will not tell any one that i know that is lazy to trade the market. The time that you need to be in the market are fixed, and you hsould not be found wanting for whatsoever reason that you might plan to give, Laziness is not even good for anyone.

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    People who are more active and who have enough synergy , forex business is really appropriate for them selves. people who are not enough knowledge regarding forex business , they also have scope to know the business. through knowing the business accurately and it is most important that hard working people will gain from the market .

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    Yes it is 100% right hat Forex is not for lazy person because without hard work no one can gain success in Forex business. I think hard work is the key of success in Forex business. So try to unlimited study about Forex, hard work and get good skills on trading for success in Forex market other wise you loss your invest.

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    Yes I agree with you. Forex trading requires smart work and suitable for us who are willing to learn and practice. Traders should always learn from any mistakes and certainly not suitable for those who are lazy. We have to do an analysis and be smart to look for and take every opportunity.

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    forex is not for the lazy people if you are lazy by the doing forex trade you will be loss big amount so by the forex trade i think you will be make you success by the hard work and this is the best and easy way for make you success by the forex trade if you want to make money by the short time you will be loss money so be hard worker

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    Forex is not for lazy people that's true in forex we have to do hard work otherwise we can't do well with real market there is no work of lazy people here they will always suffer from loss here and will never become a good professional trader so don't be lazy in this business and focus on hard work

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