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Thread: small experience, good trade with small risk

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    small experience, good trade with small risk

    hy, I am telling a easy way of trade, I also have done it in starting days and also was good for new traders...
    ---first learn basic about meta trader which is important..
    ---then check the most best website for making analysis..
    ---check these all sites analysis
    ---check some signal sites also
    ---when we want to open order, check all analysis sites what they say about market, then make analysis from these, then check signal sites, if all are same open order..
    ---in this way not need to learn about indicators which become complex some time, but we need money management for trade, so learn must it

    I also used this in starting, this was good really, thanks

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    Before you use those sites you must first understand how these signals are generated
    These sites work in an automatic way that is based on the use of a set of indicators and usually give you the signal according to the overbought and oversold in those indicators which is something you can easily do it yourself without the need for that site and I do not think using this method will be profitable

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    With good experience we will realize that good risk management is needed in our trade if we are sure going to make success in forex. Trading good is something necessary and if we are working towards making the right trade, the better for us in forex. Let's learn about this business and let's understand that good experience will give us the means to sustain our means of good trading in forex. If we are managing risk we can get to make money in forex and we will enjoy the opportunity in this market. Let's learn to deal with risk and work to manage a system that will guide us to become very successful in our trading.

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    t is always nice for traders to trade with what will provide more function for them. But i don't have need for this kind of forex programs, i don't trade multiple forex positions like many other traders. Once i make a single click on my forex positions, it will quit it for me immediately when my internet is working fine.

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