Your account have been blowd up by greed?
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Thread: Your account have been blowd up by greed?

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    Post Your account have been blowd up by greed?

    I think everybody have tasted the greed and nobody have been successful from it like me i have blowed up 3 times.Do you have blowed up your account by greed?

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    I have blown many trading accounts and the main reason and i will say the only reason for this is greediness. By greediness i use more risk in my accounts and did not used the stop loss in that trades which result lost of trading account but now i do trade according to my plan and system and never face any problem.

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    Yes, I've experienced a lot of loss because of my greed. Most greed arises when I use a trading bonus, because there is also a trading bonus that we can withdraw if we are trading with a particular lot, so I was forced to trade with maximum lot just to be eligible to withdraw, but unfortunately I actually often get a margin call.

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    fx worrior, Yes i also blowed up my account caused by greed, it is reality we as trader cause the attitude of greed arises when we want to get a big profit more and more without any calculation and just hoped it with don't care risk will faced.

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    No doubt greed leads to losses and then our account be blown. We must set a daily target for every trading , once iif achieve that target then we close of trading for that day. because if not we would want more and more which will lead to unclear methods after that

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    no brother greeg leads to lossing or then our account be blown , we must set a daily target for every thing trading . once if acrvices but that target then we close of trading for good day , beasuse if not allowled we would wented met more amd which lead will to unclear methods ater that for your .

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    I i also totally agree that greed almost blow away your accounts.Greed is a part of emotion and emotions are very harmful for trader wile trading in forex market.I have also faced these,my account have been blown 5 times only for greediness and not using stop loss indicator while trading.But it is more important to control your emotions.

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    In most cases in which I lose my account its due to the fact that I was greedy in deed,greed is very harmful to any traders trading career, so its important you learn to do away with the feelings if greed because forex isn't a get rich quick scheme you have to be patients and discipline to achieve a long term success in your trading career.

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    According to me the main cause of me to loose the account,is because of my greed.In forex trading ,greed is very harmful for any trader,so it is always important to learn to do away with feelings if greed because forex is not a get rich quick scheme a trader need to keep his patience and discipline to gain profit.

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    It is true that we all can earn unlimited amount of money but for that reason we need to control our emotions. Basically a trader with emotions GREED can not get success in forex trading. Because we open more lot size and which is not a good strategy.

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