Due to the fact that that traders have always want to succeed in this business some do think that the demo is for deceiving purpose as the movement might not be same with the real account.

I see some traders saying that the best place to practice is with the real account and though I agree with that, but not everyone would have the money to just throw away all in the name of learning how to trade forex. I see the demo account chart movement as real with the live account and we should know that what ever that happens with the live account also tends to happen with the demo account.

My conclusion: I have seen most traders look for something to blame on when they loose. It can be possible to be good in the demo account and be terrible with the live account due to the fact of how hard it is to control emotions when we invest money in this business. In all we should see the demo account as a part of real account and take the money as a real money if we must succeed in forex business.