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Thread: Is the Demo Chart Movement Fake or Real

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    As far I know demo chart and live chart no different between of them. We need to focus our knowledge how to play more accuracy in our trading. I see a lot of enemies involve in this business and all of them always try to throw us into a big hole of loss. So our main duty and responsibility to fight with them and be a winner. A bad thinking always distruct us from the right line so we should be alert about that.

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    demo and live account on any pair are same because if prices are different than maybe we are not able to analyze market correctly. roboforex provide the same chart on both accounts demo or live. there is not confirmed that spread is same or different. I say about spread difference coz some broker provides not same spread on live and demo accounts. they decreased spread on demo accounts to gain more partners and traders

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    Well, demo chart movement is not fake, the movement of the demo chart movement is the same as the real account movement, demo account is the best source and most reliable source to learn how to trade the forex market, so nothing is wrong about the movement of the demo account it's the same as the real account movement.

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    well demo and real both are same as real but in the demo trading the money are just fake and trader feeling is also fake becoz people are thinking that that is demo free to loss if you loss the money you will not pay that money but you need to pay attention on the demo before real account :)

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    I dont understand demo chart movement i am new here please someone explain to me the concept of demo chart

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    Every broker gives the Demo chart to learn trading every new trader but problem is that some new traders comes and trades on demo account when they make some profit they realize that they are now expert trader and invest in their real account and loss all money due to their greed. I think Demo account is best way to learn forex.

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    There is nothing fake or manipulated on demo account. The only thing is that the money in the account is virtual and not yours. The operation is just the same as the live account. The only challenge is the fact that you can trade the account with no emotion at all, and as a result a lot of trader do well on demo than live accounts.

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    the main thing is emotions and fear because when we trade in demo account we trade without any fear and emotions but when it comes to real account its become very different there are very few people who can trade without emotions and fear and they are successful.
    the other thing market is always stay same no matter whare we are and using what type of account. it may be difference of some point but overall its the same movement.

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    The demo chart movement is quite real, what is not real is our trading when money are not involved. Trading is practically multiplying money, if there is no money involved you are not multiplying anything, hence not really trading. Technical rules, money management, fundamentals knowledge, statistics - these are just the details, the main part is really all about money.
    Wow. Much Forex. So Monies. Very Opportunity.Many Trade. So Amazed. Wow.

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