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    INTRODUCTION: Just as always, the roboforex forum keeps on surprising their member. This is a rare opportunity I had not seen anywhere else, this is creative, intriguing, and its even helping traders to develop their writing skills and compete among their counterpart all over the world. I must say that roboforex and its forum are the best any time any day!

    Personally, I started forex trading since 2004, it was a very faithful year in my life, because I am trading forex for living till now, it was never a regretful decision, but it was never a rosy journey at the same time. It took me a precious two years to complete my demo trading, and by 2006, I started the live trading account, and I continued with my learning and self development in order to get better trading system that can be giving me consistent earning.

    Also, the most challenging part was that; I did not get help, I had to do everything on my own, and I developed myself to the full function that I am today, this really made me a better trader and I am independent for that matter.

    MY TRADING STRATEGIES: In fairness, I have so many trading strategies, if I should count it, it is up to ten (if not more), but I only use two or three strategies per trade, and I do not misuse or use everything I know at once. Some of the strategies are; Fibonacci system, Trend-line system, VH indicator system, NonLagMA _v5 system, moving average indicator, Bollinger bands indicator, Wave theories, Price action, news trading, and many more. As you can see, I trade both technical and fundamental analysis, and I work more on the technical analysis for my best trading advantage. I also makes use of my stop loss, and this is the beauty of my trading. If i used a stop loss of 25 pips, my take profits would be at least 75 pips, this means that I am following a proper risk to reward ratio of nothing less than 1:3, and that is the beauty of my trading management. This depends on the trading strategy I use at any point in time as well.

    most of my strategies.jpg

    MY TRADING ROUTINE: Since I had developed my trading system, I have a routine of trading, and it the same everyday, unless it is either technical or news trading option, that would make the difference.

    For Technical Trading: I make sure I wake up early to meet the European session, that is when my daily trading activities start. I firstly check for the daily calendar news for me not to be affected by it, and I notice when the news will be announced. After this, I check the chart for my trading system, and if I spot a intraday opportunity, I use 15-30 pips stop loss and 50-75 pips target. And when it is long term set up, I use my 50pips stop loss and 250 pips take profits, and could leave it for about 2 weeks for the target to be met.

    my strategy technical.jpg


    For News Trading: I do not trade the news directly because of the deceit of the news trading, I do my news with pending, I will make sure that I notice the time the news will come out. I will pend the both direction of the market like about 1 minute before the news, and I use stop loss of 15 pips on the both side.

    news trading.PNG

    CONCLUSION: Financial market trading is a great opportunity for me, that is what i do every business days, and I believe any trader that are optimistic about financial market trading should never relent. And with the right learning and self development, they would surely achieve their goal. Thank you once again Roboforex and its forum!
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