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    Contest "My day with RoboForex"


    Dear users!

    Administration of Roboforex forum announce about starting of a new contest
    “My day with RoboForex” from moderators! All you need is to write a small story
    about how your day of trading on Forex goes on. Also, add one or more photos in front
    of your working place.

    Any registered user can participate in this contest.

    Contest is held between December 1 and
    December 26, 2015.
    Results will be announced –December 28, 2015.
    Prizes will be transferred - December 29,

    Rules of the contest:

    1. Create the thread with the description of how your trading day goes on. Describe when you start and get ready for trading. Maybe someone watch news for the past day or the events calendar. Describe in some words your trading strategy. Here can be also pointed accounting of your trading or how you analyze your deals.
    2. The topic with description (review) is created at the same contest section. Heading is submitted as follows: My trading day “Your forum nickname”
    3. Next, attach to the created topic one or more your own photos in front of the working place. Note that the photo must be taken in such way that on the screen of your computer would be seen the profile page of the forum of the company Roboforex.
    4. Your photos must be attached to the messages Attachments.
    5. The review must be authorized, any copy-paste is prohibited.
    6. Each user of the forum can create only one topic.

    Conditions to determine the contest winner:
    Winners are chosen participants created the most complete and qualitative description of the working day.

    It will be counted during the rating of participants’ topics:

    1. Quality of the composed story;
    2. Completeness of the description;
    3. Number of attached photos;
    4. User’s activity in the topic of the contests ‘participant;
    5. Number of left “Thanks” in the topic.


    1st place - 105$;
    2nd place - 90$;
    3rd place - 80$;
    4th place - 60$;
    5th place - 50$;
    6th place - 40$;
    7th place - 30$;
    8th place - 20$;
    9th place - 15$;
    10th place - 10$.

    Number of places can be decreased due to insufficient quantity of threads or insiffucient parameters of some threads.

    You can ask any questions concerning this contest in this thread.

    Not allowed!
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