Impatient person cannot earn at forex
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Thread: Impatient person cannot earn at forex

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    I think a impatient person cannot earn at forex because here you must have patient to wait the right price to place a trade.Do you agree?

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    True, people who can not wait will be difficult to benefit from forex trading, because they will be more difficult to control myself and not wait for a fixed time to enter and exit the market, so they will tend to be careless and not properly using current analysis when trading forex.

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    Yes i do agree with this that impatient persons or traders can not earn in forex trading business.Patience is a very important nature of a human being as well as for a Forex trader.It will keep a trader calm and cool while trading and making strategies.Pateince is also important to keep a trader away from emotions which are harmful while trading.

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    yeah it is true that if the trader don't have patience than he will not be able to earn profits or we can say he will not be able to earn money....make some strategy and focus on that strategy to earn lots of money ....but do not be impatient because it will harms you a lot keep cool and do your best in trade so that you can earn money..

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    Forex trading needs lot of knowledge and high level skills to make successful trade.
    And only successful trade will give you opportunity to make money.
    Those knowledge can not bought from market or can not be gain in same day or in just a month.
    So to gain knowledge before you start earning it needs spending of lot of time and fr that you have to wait patiently after learning again you need to do lot of practice.

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    Forex trading is a very risky business which needs proper knowledge and Experience.Patience is very important in Forex trading business,if trader don't have patient he will never become a successful trader.A impatient person cannot earn in Forex it is absolutely true,Forex trading is a business in you must have cool and fresh mind if you want to earn a huge amount of profit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fx worrior View Post
    I think a impatient person cannot earn at forex because here you must have patient to wait the right price to place a trade.Do you agree?
    I agree with you that if you not have the patience in the trading then you will not make the good money with the forex trading because it is high risky and you need some time in the trading to understand the forex trading business and learn the business so that's why the patience is required to do the trading.

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    Yes sir you are very correct to have earning we need to pass through many adverse conditions and there is no way of getting just earning on the moment we place our orders we need to develop patience while trading and watching the market silently without doing any thing else if we become impatient with every movement of the market then we are going to loose a lot of money in this business.

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    impatient will lead them to face unwanted situation,they will start to trade with do something careless or useless and at last just suffer with some losing in hands, this is a good business and we need to prepare everything with good too, and at this business, discipline and patience is a must,

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    Yes sir I am agree with your impatient person can never earn consistent profit in this business patience is very necessary in forex otherwise we can loose our all money in forex its not an fast money making business so don't take high risk in your trading just be happy with low profit.

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