Will you invest all your money in forex?
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Thread: Will you invest all your money in forex?

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    Post Will you invest all your money in forex?

    Do you think its good to invest all your money in the forex market to earn huge profit or you just invest a half of your money to not losse it all?

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    i know big capital is quite helpful for us to earn good profit in consistent way but also we should remember forex market is risky we can lost our whole capital by just one mistake so i prefer not to invest my all money we should only deposit our idle money on which we can bear loss otherwise we should not deposit money.

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    I actually do not want to invest my money for forex trading but unfortunately I've lost all my money from forex trading. I experienced it when I was still a beginner, because I want to learn forex so I invested all my money in forex trading, and finally I get a margin call.

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    Invest all my money? no absolutely not. I love and I’m doing on forex trading forex. I have chosen forex trading for my job but I did not invest all my money. I always saving for money to make an investment plan every month. I only use a half of the money to invest in forex trading.

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    regardless of the skills we might have and the knowledge we have on Forex trading it very wrong all our money in the market,Forex trading is up and down business and nobody can ever determine when he/she loss in this business and this why it not good to invest all his money in the business of Forex trading.invest small amount of it is safe.

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    I have no such money to invest in this rather than my skill and knowledge. So I am trying to gain in this market with these 2 powerful elements with few investment. Forex is risky trade, so I cannot suggest that any trader invest his all the capital at a time with a hope to earn huge money. It will be better if a portion of capital can be kept reserve for managing risk.

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    i invest more money according to my experience and knowledge big capital have his own advantages but to take advantages from big capital need knowledge and experience as my experience increase i invest more money to earn big profits but at time i have some basic knowledge about strategy's i invested the amount that i afford to lose.

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    yes i will invest my own money in the forex trading business after getting the knowledge and some experience of the trading and i think we will invest the money that we easily afford to invest in the trading and i think i will invest my 100$ in the forex trading then i think i able to mange my capital well and make the good profit in the trading.

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    No i will not invest all my money in Forex.As Forex is a very risky business and one mistake in this business may cause a big loss.I am a newbie and i have lack of knowledge and experience,i cannot take the risk by investing all my money.Without knowledge and experience we can lose our all money in this business.

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    The Forex trading is a risky business so i an never try this . so i will be able to try the work . in the Forex trading the money you are invest in the business yo may be loss or profit . any thing is happen i the business. you should be never forget this.without not experience in the Forex trading and no proper knowledge about the Forex trading .the you should never in invest your money and we can lose our all money in the business.

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