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    Although NZD/CHF price is positioned within the axes of the rising channel, the persistence of the 0.6813 level in front of the rising attempts increases the chances of being affected by the downward correction of the trend of the near-term trades. So we will now rely on the current resistance force and expect to set the price for a negative attack to target the level of 0.6770 to support the rising channel spanning about 0.6760.

    If the price of the current resistance is breached and a positive closure is made above it, it will confirm its readiness to resume the upward attack, which will enable it to achieve many goals by its attraction of about 0.6835 and 0.6878, respectively.

    The range of trading expected for today is between 0.6813 and 0.6770

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    the pair successfully has left the area at 6909 and now on its down to reach the area of the moving average 200 on the h4 time frame , by trading up this area we can see some corrections upwards , and by breaking it down thus the down trend can be established from the cutrrent price . the clear idea will be shown by closing h4 candlstick below or up the yellow line


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    Today NZDCHF show complete Harmonic Pattern : Bearish Alternate Bat. I reccommend for Sell only in this pair. Stop Loss / Cut Loss if price break up level D Bearish Alternate Bat Pattern and Take Profit 0.68230.

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    The price of the pair in the trades of the last period is a new emerging channel to note its current concentration above the main stable support at 0.6840, as well as infiltration of the price above the moving average 55 increases the chances of acquiring a positive new torque to expect to be set up soon for an upward attack and to target the level 0.6882 down to the barrier Stationed around 0.6920.The stochastic release of the saturation level confirms that the price has been eliminated from negative pressures to allow it to form upward waves in furtherance of the earlier proposed upward attempts.
    The range of trading expected for today is between 0.6850 and 0.6882.

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    Data and events impact today: Statement and SNB press conference, US Jobless Claims, and Eurozone industrial output. Tomorrow there is New Zealand NZ Manufacturing Business. Unlike the central banks of other major currencies that announce interest rates per month, SNB announces interest rates per 3 months (quarterly). The SNB monetary policy is to set the London Interbank Offered Rate (Libor) for a period of 3 months in the CHF currency.

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