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    The best month range trading for NZDCHF is at resistance level of 0.7287 and support level of 0.6722. still engaged in strengthening the previous month it was estimated NZDCHF moves continue the bearish trend. this is supported by BB indicators are bearish, MACD is bearish, and stohastic is bearish cross. so for all of used indicator is relatively bearish.[/lang]

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    NZDCHF still in a quandary. NZDCHF is still moving below middle level may be too strong to be penetrated so that NZDCHF movement will move across or dpwn where daily trading range is resistance level at 0.6969 and support level at 0.6904. The signals shown by BB indicator is bearish, MACD is bearish, but stohastic is bullish.[/lang]

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    [lang=ar]by trading under the RD bands on the h4 time frames i think that the price easily can leave the level at 0.6902 going more down reaching to the levels at 0.6840 at least . fundamentally we can easily know how weak is the nzd in general fro having bad data from week to another

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    NZDCHF still in a quandary. NZDCHF is still moving above middle level may be too strong to be penetrated so that NZDCHF movement will move across or up where daily trading range is resistance level at 0.7054 and support level at 0.6960. The signals shown by BB indicator is bullish, MACD is bullish, but stohastic is bearish.[/lang]

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    Strong continuation may occur at NZDCHF that can be seen on the chart. BB indicator looks wide but has tend to show a bearish trend. MACD indicator shows a bearish signal and the stohastic indicator is bearish as continuation signal. so then, it is confirmed that the movement is at the first resistance level at 0.7026 and the second level resistance at 0.7029 while support level of 0.6957 is broke and gives signal for NZDCHF is more bearish.[/lang]

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    Indicator BB is widen show that bearish trend is happening in NZDCHF is moving lower. as well as supporting MACD that signal while stohastic indicator shows the higher price of NZDCHF. the first resistance level at 0.6995 and the second resistance level at 0.7026 while the first support level at 0.6964 and the second support level at 0.6955. then, the signal itself is show clearly shows the strong bearish trend signal.[/lang]

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    An advanced pattern which called crab pattern has been completed and start effecting on the NZD/CHF as we can see on the chart below , the reversal area between 0.6749-0.6740 it's really strong and it come with the retest of a broken downtrend , but we are quite late for the entry , but it's never too late , i still see this pair going up and that will be confirmed after the breakout from the falling channel and the close above 0.6839 targeting area on 0.6952-0.6969


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    The pair of NZD/CHF in the rise in the next period, but it will rise and tired because the pair in front of a large set of resistors, the strength varies between the medium and strong resistance area between the levels of 0.6863 and 0.6885, and then the level of 0.6925 which broken will open the way for more satisfaction towards the level of 0.7065 and Break this level will fall directly.
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    UPDATE to reply #747

    the NZD/CHF did go up but had a really hard time with the resistance area in 0.682552-0.683996 but finally it manage to break through and do a retest to it and to the down trend and manage to hold the price above , now my expectation for the price is to keep rising for now to reach at first a little resistance at 0.688765 i believe its going to close above it easily to continue to resistance area 0.695214-0.696985 where probably will see a push down from there with a nice unusual harmonic pattern i will mention it if the price reach there .


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    New Zealand Dollar Technical Analysis |
    New Zealand is in front of the franc for a long time. We do not know a suitable direction for it as it is moving in a cross direction but we can now wait for it at the nearest support area at 6709
    This area should be tested if it has already tested it and the daily closing above is to buy from this area to the target shown in the chart at 6832, the nearest resistance zone.


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