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Thread: Why should one use web trader

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    I think it is the easy way of the trading . support and resistance play a very important role in the trading . i like to use the plat forms in my trading we can earn a lot of money i the trading , the plat form gives a great chance to saving the time to work with install any software . forex is just like money making machine .

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    web traders are useful if we are on a trip and are not holding a gadget or not carrying a laptop, so we can open a browser anywhere or in public areas for trading or checking markets, actually in the current era of web traders is not necessary, considering that the digital era is a smartphone things that must be brought everywhere, so I think webtrader doesn't have a significant advantage over the others

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    web trader is more comfotable than mt4 in light of the fact that you the genuine truly cost for images with the cost of bank and its contains all mt4 stuff like pattern request and supply fibonachi all and its progressively bright

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    I mostly use webtrader when i am at my office, it allows me to trade as well as do my office work on computer. It is easier to use because of mouse and keyboard and also because it has more features than metatrader 4. But i recently faced a few problems like chart wouldn't update in multi time frames, margin will not change if a trade is added and sometimes it shows trade has been placed or closed but actually which hasn't in real about which i come to know after refreshing the browser.. Thats why i recommend using either mt4 or roboforex own apk.

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    Web traders has it own unique use and advantage over the downloadable version of mt4, what makes webtrader to unique is that you don't need to download the software to your computer, it is accessible via the web on any computer, it is a very good option if you are not using you own computer so you will not download and login your account t details on another person computer.

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    the best thing about this trading platform is that you dont have to download anything you have to have a browser that you can use on the go this way all the opportunities that you can use on the go this way it can be very easy to make trades where you are.

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    Someone must use webtrader. when platforms not working on their devices it could be personal computer laptop or mobile phones iOS tablet due to any virus or file corruption. webtrader is quite simple and very easy to use and it's not use heavy data usage If you are using on mobile device and all the functions are available here I prefer you to use it. whenever you are at different places or far from your home or where is the platform or signals are not available.

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    Actually Mt4 platform is more amicable from web trading system. However practice in mt4 platform will helps to take decision all the way
    Another thing is worth noting that traders with windows phone can use this webtrading opportunity to open/close/modify trades with ease

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    I have never used roboforex web trader before. My favorite platform is mt4. But after reading all the comments, I guess I should take a closer look at it.

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    There are three main situations when web trader would be very useful:
    1. If you need to have an access to your account using public computer (or any other then yours computer), so there is no platform on that computer.
    2. If there is no desktop version for your particular operating system. For example, if your main computer works on Mac OS, you will have either to install Windows (using BootCampl or Parallels Desktop) or to use web trader since there is no Mac version of MT-based platforms. In such case, web version would save your time because it will take only a few minutes to launch it.
    3. If you want to reduce the resource consumption. In case if you need the full power your computer has to be dedicated to some particular task, you can close the desktop version on othe platform and use web version instead. At the same time, most of modern tools for traders require a small part of resources. For example, you can launch any platform and Forex Tester (special backtesting tool that allows to check strategies using historical data) simultaneously and they both will perform great, while web browsers may sometimes even require more RAM than such tools.
    Desktop version has important advantages: it has more functions, it works faster, it provides trader with the extended integration possibilities. Using desktop version one would be able to add custom indicators and tools to improve the trading process. That is why to my mind the desktop version is preferrable for most of the time, but there also could be some particular cases when the web version would be better.

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