Forex business is easy ?
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Thread: Forex business is easy ?

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    Forex business is easy ?

    Yes forex business is easy business in other business. It is the easy way for earn money. There are many people do this business and the are success in there life. Forex business can build up your career. So you can join this business.

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    No Forex Business is not easy and he needs to a great effort in the first 6 months in order to get sufficient information and skills in Forex and also must adhere to a lot of conditions in order to become a successful trader such as moving away from greed and capital management and also develop a good business plan in the beginning

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    No I think the Forex business is not easy it is very risky because you are work in a huge market but you can take it more easy if you have a good experience after few years to can success and earn a huge profit from the 5 percent profitable people in the world

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    no i do not think that forex is easy at all , forex is a very serious business , and there`s huge amount of risk involved in this business , and this business is not suitable for every one , only those who have the proper knowledge and training can get to adopt with this market and hopefully make some profits , but you have to remember that evern the best forex traders lose money sometimes but they make more profits than losses ...

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    Actually, the business looks easy, but it is never easy, neither will i say that it is difficult, it is a business that has mixed feeling in my own case of trading it. No matter how the case may be in the forex market, make sure that you do things that will make earnings for you, If you do not, it will be harder than you thinks. Traders needs a good trading strategy and plan always, this reduces stress in trading.

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    Forex trading is not so easy you need to work hard and you need to learn Forex trading properly because without proper learning and proper education you never do trading so it is easy when you work hard with proper education and proper learning otherwise you never earn money and never gain success .

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    I think forex trading is absolutely difficult. Each trader could make a good trading strategy but not every trader is able to obtain success. The difficulty at on how we conduct trade in accordance with the plan. Discipline is a main factor. We have to be disciplined to obtain success trading.

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    Yes, forex business is easy to run, but for the success of this business we have to fight pretty hard. Because the forex business is a risky business, and the risk could also lead to the loss of all our capital, and we need to have the insight and ability to control such risks.

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    morad0, No, i think not easy doing this business although we just put buy or sell, and many trader has assume Forex trading is not easy because this is complex a trading knowledge.Therefore we can not mess forex trading business. In here we need to be patient and not to hurry when making an analyzing

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    I think forex is easy to other business.It is easy to do but some time it is we have to fight to be a success.It is the easy way to ear the money.

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